Lets see you shredding



  • Gotcha.
  • come on folks let's see some mctwists and shit
  • What wheels are you riding on that Cab @WakeInFright?
  • Lol, where's the pics of your mctwist @brigade_bill ?
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    mcgill beat me up and said to never do it again
  • Fair enough.
  • insert facebook thumbs up icon here
  • @wakinfright good stuff man and that park looks fun for sure. That's something I'm going to miss living out here in the NW is being able to hit the park and the waves in the same day. Not that I couldn't skate and then surf out here but the water doesn't even get into the mid 40's F in the summer. When I lived in Seattle some years back I worked in a shop and we sold surfboards also, the dude I worked with was from Virginia Beach on the east coast of the US and was a crazy dude. His name was Tucker and I always called him crazy Phucker for surfing in the middle of winter on the Washington coast. He would give me shit and tell me to come surfing with him "dude your from Florida and you surf... come ride some waves with me" and I would say dude the coldest the water gets in Florida is mid to upper 50's F, Im not getting in iceburg water that doesn't even sound fun. 
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    Here is my mctwist attempt @brigade_bill, shit wasn't working so I gave up on them. 

  • e for effort
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    I had a 4 foot quarter pipe when I was a kid and I remember trying to do a McTwist on it, lol.  You know, emulating my heroes?  Those were some hard landings, but damned if we didn't get back up and try again.  Young and fearless and not too bright, lol...  I wouldn't even dream of trying that kind of shit today.  Bones don't heal the same at this age.
  • milk does a body good
  • A 55 gallon drum of milk couldn't save my sorry ass if I tried a 540 today, lol!
  • The only air i get these days if from gluten intolerance from too many beers lol On occasions i'll get air when i fakie and let my back wheels hit the coping, pop up and i land in the rock position and i roll back in. I don't know what the currents are like your way mudslinger but in here in newcastle the water is actually warmer in the winter, it's just getting out that's a bitch. The wheels in my pics were 95a g bones reissues. Cmon bb and doc, pics fellas ;-)
  • I reckon bb and the doc are camera shy, unless they have their pants down lol @mudslinger you rock for even trying mctwists mate. when i was young i balked at even trying hippy twists off launch ramps. the best i could do was turn 180 degrees and land switch, not that i knew what switch was then lol
  • haha i never take any photos or videos and im on a sabbatical at the moment
  • I'm just a carver and chicken scratcher these days fellas.....I'm pretty much a stencil now! Haha! 
  • You guys are doing good shit there and I'm just like.........

  • That's me in my back yard.
  • nice @powellboy ... I actually had that happen to me bombing a hill in Seattle WA, landed my hip on a curb and popped it straight out the skin.. good shit. A fast ride in an ambulance and one nights stay in the hospital and I was ready for more ... well kind of after a few weeks of healing. I actually have a picture of the hill I bombed, as you can imagine I was determined to make it pay for putting me in the hospital and went back to prove I was young and dumb.. I did win.

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    hope I didn't kill the thread with the hip popping out, hill bombing story.... anyway here are two more from the same day as the bail above... pre ACL blow out. 

    Lake Mary Skatepark, Lake Mary Florida

    photo DSC_0160_zpsmthh5jib.jpg
    photo bigt_zpsa72eaabt.jpg
  • Nice crooked!
  • And my old self....
  • And another one form the same park.
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