Lets see you shredding



  • @dofrenzy thanks man, I am sloooowly chipping away at front side stuff. I'm trying to graduate from slashes, which I still don't get every time, to standup 5-0's and 50-50 stalls. I can get the stalls, but only riding up fakie (strangely) and haven't worked up the guts to pivot back in from it yet. I've done it on my little driveway quarter, but spilled a couple of times before getting it. For some reason it's just harder.
  • @VatoRat going to feel the legs burning after a few laps on that thing. I messed with on just like that a few cities over from me. It' shard to slow down once you get going. And trying to ollie and land back on that track is hard as well.
  • @myren - where was that pump track?
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    @VatoRat the one I skated was in Hampton VA.


  • After I got my bucket-list QP drop-in dialed in on my b-day in 2019, I decided to continue skating and made a list of easy mini-ramp tricks to learn. You all have had such a positive influence on my skating I am stoked to throw this up here. Right now I am down *hard* with knee injuries. I slammed hard dropping into a concrete QP and bottom line is massive trauma to my knees especially the inside. It’s been about 3 weeks recovering slowly and knees are still pretty loose feeling without side support. Improving every day for sure.

    Confession....I had new, hard bushings on a new board with new everything except wheels. I should have known better and I am still new. I had dropped in successfully already with the new setup but still was prob. too sketchy to begin with. Brigade Bill actually mentioned to me once that these concrete QPs were sketchy, and here I sit with knees that were folded the wrong way pretty much in agreement! Also, let me say the pain of my injured knees was/is pretty intense. It’s been about 3 weeks, pain is in my left hip as well, and left knee is worse too. I still can’t bend my legs all the way and if I try holy shit it is some serious pain, like surprising to walk around all day but then if I try to bend my knees and I push it just a *tiny* bit I am nearly paralyzed with pain and can’t walk for a few minutes because of it. Still considering a chiropractor and some MRI.

    Fuck it, to make this a little longer, I did consider changing to scooter briefly but realized that I would actually rather have my knees broken, now that I know what it’s like. So over the period of 16 months since I started skating I have been been incapacitated twice with serious back injuries (2 months total no skate), and now I am out for 3 weeks and counting.

    All for this, and I would do it again and I will do it again:

  • If your pain is still that bad, and esp. if you feel like stuff is worse instead of better, you should probably see a doc or at least get a consult from someone in healthcare. Right now I am down too with various ankle and foot injuries. Going to the doc during the pandemic sucked to think about before I went, but I am glad I went now... even did half a session yesterday before it got too weak and painful to continue (I am at 5 weeks and it is still too early).

    Tl;dr: See a doc jic, and wait until you're better or almost better to skate again.
  • Thanks ghostbuster. I'll start with my primary care physician and see where she sends me. The issue is noticeably better every day, even after 3 weeks. I just get a lot of pain if I bend at the knee too far. I think (as you seem to) that a doctor and maybe an MRI will let me know exactly what I'm dealing with.

    What happened to your ankle/foot?
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    Tore some ankle ligaments on one, and then had to get an infection cut out of the other foot. From barely being able to walk w/o a cane to 1/2 a session with a brace on in five weeks, eh, not bad, I'm not complaining too much.

    imo better safe than sorry; even if it's something minor, it's better to know what's going on than to risk something worse down the road. I've had stuff that didn't mend properly or I skated too early on, so I try to be more careful now. It sucks waiting, but at least there's YouTube, fingerboards, video games, beer etc.
  • Wow, Half-session in 5 weeks is good. Probably a sign of strong feet, ankles, and legs from skating!

    I appreciate the sage advice about getting treatment. Thank you.
  • You take care of yourself @ghostbuster
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    Thanks, guys. Feels good just to be rolling around again.
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