Lets see you shredding



  • Great picture @myren and nice air, too!
  • Hell yeah @myren, looks like your old self is getting it pretty good.
  • @jb77 that was a feeble not a crooked grind lol
  • I have shamed my family.
  • Damn you guys must all be under 40.. shredding it!
  • I agree Doc, I am on the eve of 42 and my skate mojo is less and less. I still love to skate, but the body just can't do what it once did.
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    I'll be 42 at the end of may. In addition to trying to skate for a few minutes everyday I also do some kind of workout, cardio, weights or both.
  • I'm 40 and i totally agree that at our vintage a workout of some description is a necessity. after i broke my collarbone i had to do certain exercises and stretches to strengthen the area, and i was already doing push ups and sit ups. for the last fortnight i've had a pretty bad cold and i haven't skated or done any exercises because i've felt weak. so when i went for a skate on sunday i only did two runs before convincing myself that it wasn't wise because i felt weak and wonky
  • Now i really feel like the old guy here. I am almost 45, DOH! And @wakeinfright I agree with you about working out. It helps out a lot. Just wish it would had helped me keep my pop! I can not ollie for much of anything now days. And that makes flip tricks way harder...

    And by the way did anyone see the "Tired" video?
  • Have not watched it yet but checking it now. Seems kind of clowny but entertaining none the less.
  • Myren, I've lost a lot of my pop too! I have to really focus on ollies now, I use to just pop up a curb without much effort or concentration, not anymore.
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    This is pretty good and Tyrone Olson is a 40 year old that's a little more inspiring to watch than those "Tired" dudes

  • Im already that age myren & I can safely say I dont push it like I use to. Im happy carving & grinding my way to a cardio workout everytime I ride. Im not fat, but I do love the workout.
    My local has dudes in the mid 50's all the way down to little Zack whose 5 (& ripping it hard!)
    I guess if your in my position youll understand why TG put ice packs in his reish lol!
  • To help keep your post-sesh sixer cold?
  • The Farter is fartythree and can still do a flatground kick turn 360.
  • @drfreedom yea there guys at the parks I skate with that are now in there 50's or just about to hit that age. But they are still killing it. More vert riders than anything that age. Don't seem to see too may older guys jumping down hand rails and what not.

    I will say skating bowls has made me lazy in the way it has made it street skating a lot harder. Just more fun riding ramps and bowls at my age now. 

    And little kids these days flat out kill it. Wish I had parks like I do now when I was coming up. But I was lucky and lived through skateboarding dying off and BIG pants. So happy that is over with.
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    Good video. And don't forget about Ron Allen!
  • That's what I'm talking about @myren ... Now that is inspiring to watch, Ron has pop for days
  • frontside air at the compound

  • Nice air ppk187
  • And board.
  • Is the compound your indoor ramp at home ppk187?
  • Thanks guys. Yeah wake
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