Lets see you shredding



  • I don't know how that 'locals only' graf will go down with the competitors at your proam contest sponsored by bb's wheel company that releases the occasional mike v deck ;-)
  • It'll get covered by a pavement wheels banner
  • I see bb has been in your ear about the same issue already. sponsors can be like that
  • ppk ripping it up
    im not sure whats more awesome.. the deck hes ripping on, the ramp, or his beard lol!!

  • Lol, thanks doc
  • Let's see some more positive thread comments like these ones guys so bump
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    Carving concrete on the new Welinder this morning... (at Marsh Creek Skatepark, Raleigh, NC)

  • Cool bananas
  • Screw it, I'm keeping this thread alive lol... Backside 50-50 from this morning.  Marsh Creek Skatepark, Raleigh NC.  Would love to see more pics and videos from you guys if you've got 'em!

  • Right on man!
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    Cant get em planted on the lip but oh well...

  • lipslide

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    Heck yeah, looks like a killer mini ramp too! Is that yours? What are you riding there? Looks like a Barbee maybe?
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    yeah man, built it in my garage. pretty small but fun and scary at the same time
  • Looks like a blast.
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    Yeah, that's was before I broke it, good eye!
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    Ok I have another one, with this walking dead kick flip:
  • It's part of his skate park jb77, where ppk187 holds contests every year sponsored by Pavement wheels ;-) Is Lee Ralph an inspiration for you ppk187(the beard lol)
  • Cool pic @myren! What are you riding there?
  • I so covet your lipramp ppk187! Nice backside disaster...how's the concrete bowl going mate?
  • Thanks man. It's been on hold.... Lack of funds
  • My wife hasn't been working so things have been pretty tight
  • When things turn around post some pics mate!
  • JB77 -  It's just a rundown house I came across when traveling and figured why not skate it. It truly is in the middle of no where Virginia. I was trying to get a line and ollie off the gap there, but the boards on that porch really slowed me down. As for the set up not that you wanted to know, It’s a Santa Cruz BARBED WIRE DOT POWERPLY DECK 8.5IN X 32.2IN With Venture trucks and 53mm Bones. 

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