Lets see you shredding



  • Actually, that's what I meant by "what are you riding?" I was wondering about the setup.
  • I have not had a Santa Cruz deck in a long long time, but got a really good deal on a few decks and like them a lot. I have three boards set up I skate all the time. One is for "street" the other is a "park/ramp" board and them I have a cruzer deck. It was just easier to do that so I did not have to keep tighten / loosen the trucks and the wheels are all different as I am sure everyone does for what they are riding terrain wise.
  • Right on man. I have one setup for everything, granted my street skating isn't really up to modern street snuff. I don't like having to adjust to different setups so I just dial one in for all
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    I'm down to one setup for every terrain too, @ppk187.
  • This is old but so am I and that hasn't seemed to change anything..

  • Nice work, muddy!
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    Thanks JB ... trying to find some more crap of me on this interweb machine
  • Good shit, Mud Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks skully ... figured out how to download my insta clips and through them alltogether. 2014 pre ACL replacement

  • Rippin man
  • I can't see anything Muddy, just your text and blank page :-(
  • I'm not sure wake, its just links to my YouTuber. Here is another one from yesterday... Happy Valley, OR 

    Ollie practice, now I just need to go back and put a kickflip into each one.

  • mudslinger skates nice! Keep them coming. You also seem to have a nice bunch of parks your skating too.
  • I'll have to check it out on my wife's laptop muddy
  • Ol Mud Dog can skate!!!!

    And is a sexy beast without his shirt on!!!

    Only place i don't wear a shirt these days is in the shower!!! I'm fat and hairy. Maybe just chubby. Not fat.

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    Down under a chubby or a fat are the same thing skully ;-)
  • Only had 30 minutes to check this park out today, it was ok but nothing special.

    Beaverton, OR

  • You're shit hot muddy(and I'm not talking about what you look like skating shirtless)!
  • Nice! Is that a bit of oververt on that one curve or is that shadow just tricking my eyes?
  • Thanks wake, I am really just so stoked to be skating again.

    @jb77 its the shadow, didnt quite go to vert but that pocket is pretty short and steep. 

  • Gotcha. We've got an oververt part on our bowl. It's freaking insane. I've never touched it, lol.
  • we have one as well just up the road in Woodland WA. I just look at it and think.. yeah that would be fun if I was 20 and didn't give two shits.

    Here is ours...
  • Ha, ha exactly!
  • You have some cool parks. Don't take your pp boards surfing in that weather though lol
  • Couple tricks at the Battleground WA skatepark today

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