Lets see you shredding



  • mudsy the shredder .. great vids man!
  • The Pacific Northwest Mudslinger Summer 2015 Tour.

    Awesome shit and some nice looking spots. Thanks for sharing!
  • I agree .. blokes got more riding in more places going on than the companies quote- on tour- unquote have.
    Puts them to shame.

    Example. Element had a thing called the tour down under here earlier this year.. it was pitiful at best.
    In sydney they had all the names listed as riding from 3pm, At close to 4:30- 5 when they eventually turned up, it was 15 mins of skating, Huston didnt even have a board to ride, signed autographs & then left after 5 mins. It was good to see Westgate, Smith etc rolling, but to call it a demo was incorrect. It was a quick pit stop on the way to the airport.
    The tool who looked like he was running the event told us they had stopped to take pics at the usual bunch of stairs/ handrails & then went on for longer than expected. Fail.
  • Huston nuff said...
  • Sounds like you lucked out not having to watch Nyjah Huston skate. Sounds like a win to me.
  • Still it would have been good to see him riding.

  • Ha, ha I'm just messing with you, Doc.  I just absolutely dislike that dude.  I can't even stand to watch him skate, lol.
  • I got you didnt like him.. im not a fanboi like billy for any of these guys, I just wanted to see him ride something for once that wasnt a video.
  • While this looks pretty basic it took a whole van of 12 year olds from the summer snowboard camp to get me to land this.

  • Can't see anything, muddy.  Am I supposed to be seeing a video?
  • @jb77 your not missing much just a few boardslides on a small rail. Here's another of me relearning smith grinds after not doing them for over a year.

  • I can't see anything either.  This site would be better if you could just upload photos and videos straight from your comp.
  • I can see them fine.. good job mudsy, remember not to go hectic till at least the knee is 12 months new
  • I can't see them on my windows phone but I can see them on Macbook
  • edited August 2015
    Coming in for a tailslide this afternoon...

    And pulling out of a nose pick...
  • Sweet moves dude!
  • Nice JB77! That's a rad Welinder man!
  • Alright! Comp time! You, Muddy, ppk187 at ppk's skate park. Bb will supply the prizes and hand them out wearing a mankini!
  • I feel that bb in a mankini would be anything but nice Kyle! Eeyuuu! ;-)
  • Lol, thanks dudes.
  • Pretty gnarly little ditch I skated a bit this morning.  Kind of rocky, but fun...

  • Sick man, what sort of wheels?
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