graffitti ripper RIPS!!!

finally, finally got mine, & man, it was totally worth the wait -
PUUUURRRRFECT!!!! Guys @ Socalskateshop said it's becoming
one of their most requested boards...
My sugggestion for continuing the hot rod flames deck would be
to taper in the nose like the graffitti ripper, bring back the old
orange/red on black original graphics, but keep the tail: that way,
you have a choice between square & round tails for pool/park ridin'-


  • whoa - just took a look at the new hot rod & skull& sword
    reissues on the powell peralta page - they look sweet, and damn,
    looks like I'm gonna have to get the credit card burnin' when
    they're available too (i'm waiting for the local shop order of
    the peralta hipster to come in)... jeez, powell's really getting
    things going, I'm feeling like a kid in a candy store these dayz,
    economy be damned...
  • tell me about it... finally everything will bear the "powell peralta" name. thats defenitly somethin to be happy about =)
    yeah that skull and sword colorway is pretty nice..... hopefully u can see the background graphic unlike the black one..
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