Favorite wheel size and durometer

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85a or 90a 60mm for street
97a 60mm for park/bowls/pools

I have tried every size and every hardness, but I always go back to 60mm. I wish there were more 93a and 95a options in 60mm so I wouldn't have to change wheels.


  • 60mm 85-90 for everything
  • 52-53 101a
  • You forgot to say "Pavement Wheels" bb ;-)
  • Are pavement wheels good ? I've never even looked for them or seen them.
  • it is my wheel company lol
  • Oh I didn't know
  • 60-62 97a
  • now u do lol
  • Maybe if you do a new thread to replace the old thread bb lol keep it all fresh you know?
  • 60-66mm/78-85a range for most everything is my preference.
  • Skate park - SPF 54mm. Street- 90a - 95a - 54mm. No wheel bite to speak of with this size and a small riser.
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    Very specific for me - Santa Cruz OJII Street Elite 60mm 90a but they feel softer because they're old..I think
  • Bombers for street, cockroaches for bowl, toxic shocks as bitzers!
  • 52-53 101 pop - 56-58 spf on the reissues
  • 54 if you want to get around these days
    this guy up my local recently went to 55 after being one of those hipsters on 51's, reckons he does everything better now
  • Can not go wrong with 56 SPF in the park and 52's in the streets. I would say the 52's help with the ollie's but I have no pop left and need all the help I can get these days.
  • 68mm 85a bombers for $24 bucks on skateone's site. Great price but with shipping still too pricey for this old mans taste(shipping 1.5 times the price of the wheels)
  • 68mm wtf.. like riding a tractor
  • Better than skating like a hipster with those bearing condoms Dr lol In fact you would only be sitting 4mm higher than if you were riding 60mm wheels and only 0.5mm higher than if you were riding T-bones. At that hardness I reckon they would be awesome over rough footpaths(pavements-and that isn't a jab at you bb, just a translation)
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    Speaking of bb, where are ya Bill?  Haven't heard from you on here lately.  And I'm with you Wake.  The bigger and softer the better. 
  • Broke my knee on a set of 68 97a bombers goin down a hill in the mid 90's.... That was my one and only set! :)
  • One of my daughters have the pink 64mm 85a bombers and they are a lot faster than the 60mm 85a bombers that I have. The 64mm size is great for cruising, but they feel too big for doing basic flat ground tricks.
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    Yeah, I'm riding 66mm Slime Balls and they're super fast and lots of fun! Great for cruising and carving bowls. But yeah, bigger wheels can make some flat ground stuff harder. Not really an issue for me since I don't really do any tricks invented after 1989, lol.
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