Do you like Andy Schrock?



  • You're right, any press is good press, but just in case anyone else is getting flooded on Youtube recommendations by this guy's pushy marketing of himself and his lame peers, I wanted to get the word out on how to stop that from happening.  

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    no more recommendations powellboy, wakey recommending they reish the saiz is bad enough
  • Holy shit. WIF just wrote exactly what I just thought.
  • His videos are entertaining but I really don't get the professional skater feel in him. I feel like he's more of a youtube star more than a pro skater. And I DID NOT recommend him to you guys sheesh. Tone down the hate for PB!

  • Why IS THIS thread, STILL ALIVE!
  • Lol .. Dude is a kook and looks like he has dumped in his drawers when he skates. Hey I just pooped in my pants now watch me try to kickflip this Walmart board.. Lol
  • I love andy schrock and i do not care about what you guys think, his decks are lit his wheels are amazing and his apparel is all on point. stop saying that he sucks. He is the best him that he could be. I love his personality and he is an amazing skater and i don't really care that he turned himself pro.... come on its his own company. give him a break
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    u remind me of that dude that was on the slap forum that was kissing his ass and if u dont care then why the hell did u say something and sorry but anyone who turns theirself pro for their own company is a f-ing kook i dont have a problem with doug he is kind of chill but the rest of the crew are fucktards
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    @WakeInFright ...this thread lives! IT'S STILL ALIVE!
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    yep booooo some andy schrock fan boy just had to sign up to add his 2 cents but then again it could be him so let's just let this sink back into obscurity
  • Braille skateboards are gay.
  • Not that there is anything wrong with that :D
  • If you like barille skateboards, you probably shop at Zumiez and like men's shaft and tips.
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    I'm guessing you missed that Seinfeld episode Macca? :s
  • Seinfeld really jumped the shark with that Andy Schrock episode, didn't they?
  • he didn't make himself pro and he said that he probably never will since revive is his own company and he will feel selfish making himself pro. he said this in a Q and A
  • but yes i do like him. he is my favorite youtuber and he deserves alot more credit than he is getting.
  • Meh...he has 500k+ YouTube followers. If I used that as some sort of yardstick I would also be rating douches like Kim Kardashian and the like. I would prefer to listen to Duane Peters than Andy CockSchrock!
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    I give him credit for being a hall of fame Youtube spammer.
  • I just checked out the revive site and the only pro decks they have are Aaron Kyro, Doug Des Autels, and Jonny Giger. Has he actually made a deck with his name on it?
  • Your favorite skater could be rad dudes like Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero, Rodney Mullen, The Gonz or Natas and you could be following rad innovative companies like H-Street and Blockhead... But, instead, you pick one of the lamest dickweeds to have ever been involved with skateboarding. Nyjah's gay and shops at PacSun but at least he can actually skate. Andy Cockface has all this hype around him for nothing. Doesn't even have a goofy fun personality like Lance. Him and that other Dante Hicks-lookout fuckface are like creepy uncles.
  • yea nothing good comes out of ohio anyway
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