Do you like Andy Schrock?



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    he has a good business model and he gave himself a pro board in 2013ish but in the end he is just some random nobody from ohio case closed and we need a lock or something on this thread
  • We need more GUIDED BY VOICES...
  • Bb is anti-Ohio, vato is pro-Ohio, this has become one of the most most popular threads of late much to the chagrin of like 99% of this forum, and it makes me lmao every time I read it!
  • The Dead Boys and Devo are good but Ohio is also home to gay bands like Hawthorne Heights, Hit The Lights, Black Veil Brides and Black Keys. Andy Cockface's kinda music.
  • Man, I've never even been to Ohio, but I'm totally pro-GUIDED BY VOICES...
  • Welcome to Ohio...

  • Spot on Macca...."Creepy uncles!"
    I reckon if this venture of his winds down his missus will dump him and he'll start making porn in his warehouse. He'll probably bring out his own form of Viagra, and call it....wait for it....."Revive!"
  • His gimmick will be that he never takes off the red shirt, even when everyone else is getting naked.
  • Isn't anyone else here into Guided by Voices?
    Lurkers, be heard!
  • Ha ha ha. And uses a red condom!
  • Alright RattoVat. I had GBV's Universal Truths and Cycles. I also have a vague memory of seeing them play a New Years Eve show at 4th & B in San Diego around early 2000. Anyways, I haven't had the urge to listen to them for over a decade. My go to for that genre is Built to Spill.
  • Built to Spill!
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    Built to Spill!!! I've seen them play countless times, listened to them countless times more, yet I've never watched their videos. That was incredibly horrible or artistically ingenious :#
  • I realize this is the most ridiculous thread on the forum of all time, but I'm keeping it going with more American, lo-fi indie rock from the 90's...
  • Haha, I went to an Archers show in Philly, it was rad. That was forever ago!
  • I dig me some Archers Of Loaf.
  • @McShredorDie
    "Your favorite skater could be rad dudes like Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero, Rodney Mullen, The Gonz or Natas and you could be following rad innovative companies like H-Street and Blockhead... But, instead, you pick one of the lamest dickweeds to have ever been involved with skateboarding. Nyjah's gay and shops at PacSun but at least he can actually skate. Andy Cockface has all this hype around him for nothing. Doesn't even have a goofy fun personality like Lance. Him and that other Dante Hicks-lookout fuckface are like creepy uncles."

    First of all, never said Andy was my favorite skater. No way in hell man. And for the record, Lance and Rodney are my two favorite skaters of all time. No need to be salty. :)
  • @powellboy I wasn't talking about you, dude. I was talking about "sk8er_boy" who posted above about how "lit af" Andy Cockface's wheels are.
  • lol. Sorry about that. I don't think I was able to read the whole conversation up there.

  • Also, this was supposedly one of the most hated threads on this site. Why are you guys bumping it? This was from like three years ago. XD
  • No worries, dude.
  • let the record state my wheels are way hella better
  • Wut do you use Billy boy?
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    well i got my own wheel company and i also ride powell wheels
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