Do you like Andy Schrock?



  • See? Billy boy here gets it @McShredorDie .
  • But Bill likes all kinds of weird shit, though!
  • oh well lol
  • Maybe bill needs to change his name to wild_bill
  • i do have that name at my local skate shop lol
  • @McShredorDie Come on. Everyone's into weird shit. Best example is that, I hang around here.
  • Oh I forgot to mention earlier that the only thing I find annoying about Aaron is his video intro: "My name is Aaron Kyro and I am a professional skateboarder from the San Francisco Bay area". I'm like dude, everyone knows already.
  • He doesn't do it for his vlogs but he never fails to do so with tutorial videos.... And I watch that shit all the time...
  • edited April 2017
    i feel bad for u lol that shit will rot ur brain
  • Yeah, dude. That Aaron Kyro stuff isn't good for you. Junk food for the brains. Watch this instead:
  • I like how Matt Hensley all the way back in 1989 is still miles ahead of Andy Cockface in 2008.
  • I only watch his tutorials.... Jesus you old shits need to take it slow. :)
  • Honestly, the only 80s stuff I watch is Bones Brigade related stuff.
  • Haha, I ain't even old! Just love the 80's.

    You should check out some Blockhead, H-Street, G&S, pre-gay 90's World Industries and Santa Cruz. That shit rips! Gonz, Natas, Neil Blender, J.J. Rogers, Sam Cunningham, Tom Knox, pre-homo Mike V... The second half of the 80's Future Primitive-Propaganda is the best time for skateboarding ever.
  • Unfortunately taking it slow is often the only way us old shits can go. Slow and low, that is the tempo!
  • Slow and Low like the Beastie Boys.
  • Hold up I've actually have seen some Matt Hensley stuff. I can remember Eric Koston (one of my favorite skaters) citing him as his biggest influence. Sorry I just wasn't able to remember that well.

    Yeah I need to catch up on those stuff. Seeing bits and pieces of those aren't enough.

    Hold up, pre homo Mike V? What's wrong? Dude seems to be pretty consistent with his skating.

    @McShredorDie How old are you then? :)
    @mallgrabber Not really. :wink:
  • No worries but trust me, though, if you like good punk rock fun you will love stuff like Blockhead, H-Street and old school Santa Cruz.

    Mike V used to be cool but now all he does is trash companies who have given him 20 chances and rip off other people's graphics with his made in mexico wood.

    I'm not even born yet.
  • Thanks.

    Interesting.... So he ripped off graphics for his Elephant brand?
  • Streetplant, too. He keeps rehashing old Powell and World decks. On top of that he's ripped off Matt Hensley and the late Jeff Phillips.
  • I don't think there's an issue with rehashing. Overdoing it is......
  • Which I think became the issue here.
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