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  • I went to a skatepark for the last time yesterday.  A Dad (who doesn't skate) brought his daughter and her toddler tricycle and let her peddle around.  Throw in a couple of scooter kids and it was a lame scene.  I went home and played around on the curb in front of my house and had a blast.
  • I understand that scooter kid's parents' tax dollars paid for my local skatepark just as much as my tax dollars did and they have every right to be there.  But, there are probably a hundred other public parks in the city that they can ride bikes and scooters. 

    Imagine if you went to a public park and started riding your skateboard down the fucking slide while little kids were trying to play there.  People would call the cops!  And you know what?  They'd be justified because that ain't what the fucking slide was made for and it endangers the kids!  So why do they think it's okay to let their toddlers ride tricycles in a freaking bowl??  It wasn't made for that!

    You know what might be a rad idea, though?  You could paint the curb outside of your house so it would grind nice but paint it the same color it already is.  Just get Home Depot to match the color of the concrete so the city or hoa or whoever won't notice and freak out on you.  Hmmm...

    Anyway, that sucks.  Sorry to hear you've lost your skatepark.  Probably the best thing to do is organize a time when you and as many buddies as possible can all go there at the same time and take over the place.  Crowd out the non-skaters if you can.
  • People seem to have forgotten that it's called a SKATEpark. In the 90s they started to ban skateboarding from everywhere so the skateparks were built as a compromise. It gives skaters a place to skate and hang and the public doesn't have to witness other public establishments getting trashed buy skaters. The problem with BMX is that pebbles and dirt get stuck in their wheels and then fall off in the skatepark.
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    Guys, try this strategy, works pretty much every time for me. You have some scooter kid aimlessly tooling around the bowls or street course. Grab your buddies or the skate rats and bomb the kid mercilessly until they leave the area.Last night we had seven or eight of us all drop in on some kid in a line like a rolling skate parade of doom. Kid left the bowls and never came back in. Left the entire park as soon as his soccer mom showed up.
  • Don't you guys have signs up saying that bikes and scooters are banned? Was the kid Powellboy by any chance Casty?
  • Haven't seen The Farterboy around lately.
  • Scooters and anything else that is not a skate or BMX bike is banned, but the sign does not state it. This comes from our Parks Department head guy. Since it is not the sign, I just pretend they are allowed and just bust their balls when they get in my way and don't follow the unwritten rules.

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    Scoot And Destroy!
  • The only thing those dudes destroy is my patience
  • Why do you even let them on your property ppk187? ;-)
  • Wait, cooters are sneaking into your garage mini park ppk187?
  • He better lay there some traps I say lol
  • That's what the snail bait was for!
  • Hahaha... At public parks
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    Man those varmints are getting everywhere! Ma, get me my shotgun!
  • "No kids, no scooters, no rollerblades..."

  • I am a Mom, so I am going to weigh in here. Both my boys are grown, 16 and 11 (almost 12, as he would say), and I have experienced the same issue here in Utah. My biggest concern is that it is a safety issue for the other riders. If parents of tots and preschoolers don't care about their kid's safety that is their problem, but I care about mine. My boys could get seriously injured trying to avoid some little kid that is not being attended to.

    The riot of it all is, that there are usually perfectly good playgrounds for little ones right next to the skate park. Little kids that can't ride on their own, on a regular BMX bike or a two wheeled scooter or a normal skate board, who aren't old enough to understand the rules of the park and what a "line" is, have NO BUSINESS being there.

    I think that a good solution that city's could look into would be a small, age appropriate skate park next to the playground and/or the bigger skate park. They also need to just man up and post signs that no one under the age of 5 is allowed and that children 5-8 years of age need to be attended to (meaning parents just can't visit or camp out on their phones). There are weight, age and height rules at Disney Land, there should be rules at the city skate parks.

    Until my youngest could understand and navigate the skate park, my husband (a bowl rider) and/or myself, would watch him and help him to see the other skater's lines, and know when was a good time for him to start riding. That's called parenting. I don't think it's unreasonable of the riders at the skate park to one, be concerned, and two, be angry at parents for not being more considerate and safety conscious. I'd like to say to parents of young kids out there, it's not all about you. Stop being selfish.
  • Amen!!
  • I felt cynical for having these thoughts. I'm glad I found this thread. Lol

    The skate parks around here are FULL of young kids just fuckin around, young girls in short shorts using the park for bench seating while they share cigarettes and play on their phones. Not to mention as @WakeInFright said, as an older person I can't help but feel somewhat humiliated to be an older person skating there as though I'm a predator or something.

    I'll stick to curbs, lots and quieter places thank you.
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    I skated just before dark last night, numbers were low so was good, then went to an event in the city and returned to the park 2 hours after dark before the dew settled. There was only a non skating raving nut job howling at the moon and I found what was probably his stolen credit card [had a womens name on it] so I didnt even skate and left him to it as he was highly agitated.

    One thing I find here is almost everyone now is kind of fucked up. Its hard to find some well balanced people to share public space with, especially at skateparks. Nearly everyone is very distrusting and operating from a mode of fear.

    Oddly, the pre/early teen scooter kids that all look like Justin Beiber are often fairly normal as they haven't been fucked up yet, whereas a lot of the older teens give off bad vibes. Usually the foreign tourists who skate are inviting as they want to make new friends, and the older guys without kids are cool too.

    Often skater dads are too preoccupied with their mini me to show vibe courtesy to other skaters, sure they are legalistic about interactions,, which is kind of fucked up too in my book.
    But I do find the skater dads do warm easily to invitations of conversation from other older farts more easily than most other younger demographics.

    We get some roller skate women who are pretty sorted to skate with. One day had a good interaction with a world class jammer who was a pro really, nice vibes
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    @Wheelbyte Thanks for not taking my credit card last night.
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    I rung the cc company and then cut it up
    I'm sorry Cathy but you'll have to pay for a new one
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