So what are you listening to

Lets hear it, music makes it happen. oh btw wait for it..... @2:43



  • if you have never googled the lyrics to this track you should......

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    that is my shit right there^ so much fun to play on bass i also got this really fast live version
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    Muddy, you're got a lot of the same tastes in music I have. Shame there isn't any Misfits, Ramones or Dead Kennedy's in the punk vain, or Ministry/Nine Inch Nails/Rammstein in the Industrial/Metal vain. Also, can't forget Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, Suicidal Tendancies, and if you are into Aussie shit, Hard-ons, Mr Floppy, Meanies. I'm also into electronic and I'm really digging the singles off the new Chemical Brothers album
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    oh yea let me throw up some aussie ska

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    If you like Circle Jerks, check out OFF! Killer music plus there's skateboarding in this video which generally makes everything cooler...

  • Learning to play this now. Not hard, but dialing the effects in is a bit tricky. Love this song.

  • Elliot Easton is a waaay underrated guitarist. The Cars rule.
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    I love listening to this album when I'm just cruising around the neighborhood ollieing manhole covers and grinding curbs.  Makes you feel like you're in an old Bones Brigade video...
  • Here is a little Elliot Easton trivia. He was the first person to have a guitar built in the Fender Custom Shop. A Telecaster as I remember.

  • Decades ago I was playing 2nd guitar for this band and the lead guitarist wanted to cover "Best Friends Girl," but he couldn't learn the lead solo, so as a last ditch effort they asked me to figure it out.  I couldn't learn it either.  
  • Also, these two are always on time.  "What's So Strange About Me" by Eight Dayz and "Weakness" by McRad are a couple of my favorite songs of all-time...

  • mcrad plays here in bmore alot
  • Elliot Easton uses some funky chords on some of the Cars songs. " Moving in Stereo " is not difficult to play, but it took me like an hour to figure out the right compressor - chorus - delay - reverb - flanger sound to make it sound as close as possible.
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    Cool, yeah I think Chuck Treece lives in Philidelphia so that's pretty close geographically. You ever go see them @brigade_bill?
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    Here are some of the bands I have been digging on...

  • nope but ive hung around with them at music festivals and stuff
  • I know the pp fart box tongue punchers wont like this, however Ive never really liked the BB tunes. Not my fav taste of music, much of it is poo.
    Now before you get sand in your undies calm the fck down, this is an opinion.
  • Lol, no offense taken Doc.
  • I dont rag on someone for their poor taste in things.
    No im lying, I do it all the time lol
  • I thought you had the "Search for Animal Chin" soundtrack on repeat in your house and car Dr? ;-)
  • It's more of a nostalgia thing than anything. Hearing those old tracks like "Pink Motel Pool" and "Calling All Cars" while I'm skating take me back. Good times!
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