Cab Stencil specs

I would like to know if someone with a Cab stencil could do me a favor. I want to know the width of the board at the front and back trucks.



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    8 5/8 at the nose and 7 5/8 at the tail give or take a eighth. i measured from rail to rail in the center of the truck holes.
  • Thanks alot. So would you reccomend 8.5" trucks then??
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    8's or 8.5's would work pretty well depending on what wheel you use. i have the indy 139's at my desk and just held them up to the deck and they look pretty right on. on my 139's the axle nut has to be tightened way down to even contact the bearing. maybe its just my set but it seemed weird so i added about three speed washers to the backside of the wheel.
  • Thanks again. I dont know that much about wheel widths etc. Is it a certain brand or style of wheel that is wider where the bearings sit??
  • You should use that deck to put the Dragon and Bats graphic on- I'm just sayin...
  • I second that.....
  • im tellin ya..the stencil graphic looks really good in person..i know its not the "classic" cab graphic. but i think il build it next. il post when i do.
  • I'm sure it looks fine, but that board Cab has been riding looks Amazing!
  • true.. it does. i would certainly get one if they make it. im all for it.
  • Yeah, I might break down and get it. It's just a graphic. I recently got the new Bone-Rod, and it feels a little too 'tanky'. The new concave is awesome though - wish he had kept with his smaller shape.
  • yeah the k15 is awesome. i still think the barbee death of ragdoll is the best board ive ever skated. period! the nose is perfect it cradles your foot. the width is perfect. its got great pop. its not my favorite graphic but...really who cares, its so stable with 169's and skatepark formulas. its perfect!! its 9.5 wide.. so that may be a little wide for some but for skating pools its excelent. its hard for me to skate anything else at this point.
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