Moose blanks

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I'm looking for some cheap blanks for my kids, anyone ever bought a moose blank?


  • Back when I was considering getting blanks, Moose was my #1 choice, lots of good reviews.  
  • They are junk for any grown man. I sold them in my shop as the el cheapo decks for $20... I paid $9.50 for them. The same decks with their various goofy moose transfer graphics were $11.50... $23 for the kids.

    That being said if your buying them for the kids and paying around the same amount I mentioned above your doing OK.

    The problem with moose decks is the glue, the wood is all china but the real issue is the glue.
  • Good to know! I thought about getting some to put my own graphics on. Going to rethink that now.
  • I'll pass on the moose blanks. Thanks guys.
  • Bought two off the internet to try them out a couple of years ago. Warped and de - laminated in a week. Not a good product.
  • Guess I dodged a bullet there.  It just goes to show you how reviews are.  Conventional wisdom ("you get what you pay for") works better.  
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