I need some help finding the right wheels

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I never know what type of wheels to buy, I hate the soft rubbery wheels that give me too much grip so I have trouble doing stuff.  I want to find the more "plastic-y" wheels but I don't have a skate shop around me to be able to look at them and I don't trust crappy walmart wheels.  I need help finding those hard wheels that most street skaters use.  Please help.


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    Where are you skating?  Skateparks?  Rough streets?  What's your whole setup?
  • Well Shannon, you can navigate into the forum, so you should be able to navigate to skateone's page for wheels. Sounds like you want a Bones wheel with either a stf or 99-101a. No need for a shop, just purchase online dude
  • SPF or STF in the above mentioned duro
    imo though people are more picky these days, its best to have a couple of sets to suit different locations
  • Depending on the quality of your streets, you might want to dial that durometer down to the low to mid 90s.  
  • Super smooth park concrete - SPF.

    Typical asphalt and sidewalks - STF.

    STF is the best all around wheel formula on the planet...
  • I would suggest DTF, but they quit making those.
  • DTF are great, but they aren't 'hard' wheels (what he asked for).
  • Rainskates out of alaska. Arguably the best thane on the planet!
    Can getvem on ebay and they are the best for me on street and bowl...
    I go for the mini stingers, they are seriously the bomb she it...
    Ive got some type s on another deck but theyre pretty ordinary sorta wheels...
    If you can find a set of og blockhead wildchilds then that would be my ultimate wheel...if you manage to find a set then thank allah, baby jeebus, and Tom Cruise coz they iz uber rare as in, non existant.
    Just my 2 kopeks worth...ANTI NIGGA MACHINE! 
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    Arguably is right; I got a set of Rainskates Tsunamis a few years ago on Ebay.  If you are into good craftsmanship and wheels that come the same size and shape, you might want to give Rainskates a pass and get some Bombers. 
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