Tricks you could just never get down.

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Wall rides. For whatever reason I just could never figure them out. I could only do it with a kicker against the wall, but every time I tried to Ollie or just slap it up on a wall, I just ended up nosing the wall. I tried again a few minutes ago, figuring I haven't tried one in 20 years, maybe being "wiser" would give me a chance. I was wrong.... Very wrong. Come to think of it, wall rides are the only thing I can do at the same level I could in my prime. Because even in my prime my wall rides were nothing more than me just slamming into a wall for no good reason.


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    crooked grinds,360 flips,kickflip varials,hardflips ive landed a few 360 flips and hardflips and like one kickflip varial but my feet are stupid and cant comprehend them and i can lock into crooked grinds but cant come out of them because im not really a nollie person
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    I conqured those deamons back when I was 37. That being said there are tons of tricks I can't do and honesty I don't see myself spending the time to learn them at this stage.

    All of the tricks bill just listed were part of the Early deamon list. Crooked grinds took forever
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    i tried learning them to nollie 180 out but that didnt work either
  • Oh my list of tricks I never mastered is much longer than the list of tricks I can (could) do. But nothing comes close to the absolute abortion that is my feeble attempt at a wall ride. I mean there are a ton of tricks I never really tried and many that I only landed a handful of times. But wall rides....not even close. Put it this way, if you watched me attempt one, you would think I've never even seen a skateboard. Imagine riding towards a wall at a decent speed, approaching it at an angle. Then slightly lifting your nose right before hitting the wall only to face slam the wall leaving a you shaped, cartoon like impression in said wall. That's pretty much what happens. It's like I lose all depth perception.
  • Its been years for me with a proper wallride and it really doesn't seem practical with a pop deck. I'd love to revisit it though and if we were in the same state I'd be down to help you concur it.
  • Wallrides are impossible for me too. Kickflips were a wall(pardon the pun) for me as well. I landed one onto grass when I was 17, and I came close again about 4 months ago. So any variation of the Front side board slides or front side rock and rolls put the fear in me as well
  • I was just thinking the other day that it seems like forever since I added something new to my bag of tricks. At the age of 42 I realized that this is as good as it's going to get, I no longer have the time to devote to learning new tricks.
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    ive done a bunch of wallrides #bejealous one time in school i was at my friend's locker and i got on my board and rode up the lockers and came back down

    p.s. looks like we now have hashtags
  • I still want to learn to do a sad plant. My inner Lance still needs to come out.
  • There are tons of tricks I can't do, including impossibles and pretty much anything off the nose, but don't believe the "old dogs can't learn new tricks" line, that only works for dogs.  I picked up a new trick just the other day.  
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    a corner trick
  • That's pretty much where I am now kyle, also 42 and simply don't have the time to dedicate to learning new tricks. Just skating and having fun when I can, not trying to get sponsored. I like to try different foot tricks while in the garage, surprisingly landing one now and again. Funny, I've actually landed a few tricks recently that I never could back then. Nothing mastered or even landed on a regular basis, just landed a few times. But even tricks I've never landed like an impossible, I've at least made a decent attempt. Unlike a wall ride, which is just something I've never even come close to looking like I had a chance. It's like I don't understand the concept of the trick, let alone come close to even getting on the wall.
  • Kick flip land 1 or 2 out of 10
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    Fun thread. I wish I could still put down Tre's, but I have lost those and most flip tricks. And I never got 540's. Not even close with a board near my body. Then again that was so long ago I couldn't even begin to try those, guess that does not count. Now it's all just fun and don't break myself skating.
  • My kick flips are the same way Ptown. Guess if I put the work into getting them down again. 
  • the one thing ive learned about wallrides is take ur front foot and put it on the front bolts so u can ride up and come down easily
  • The one thing I've learned about wallrides is if the angle between the wall and the ground is 89 degrees, I can probably get up and down. As soon as it becomes 90, I need a transition to get up there ;-P
  • I've tried every angle, foot position, fs, bs, even goofy. Every trick I ever learned was a matter of finding my "ah ha" moment. That moment when after a million tries it just clicks. So speaking of which, I think that's the single best feeling in skating, even better than actually landing a trick for the first time. Most of us landed a trick before we actually had that moment. You know, when you kind of accidently land it but you haven't figured out how to do it consistently. But then at some point it just clicks, what you are doing wrong and you start really nailing it. That was always the best feeling. It's just that sadly I never had that moment when it came to wall rides.
  • i tried learning them to nollie 180 out but that didnt work either
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