Bones swiss bearings REALLY SLOW .

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I just replaced my Black Panther 7 bearings with new Bones Swiss bearings, the difference has me wanting to go back to the blk panthers. The wheels are just not spinning. I actually slow down when I bomb "the hill". I read the inset w/ the package about how these bearings need a break-in period, yet I have skated for two days on them with little improvement in wheel speed and have lost my stoke. Could they be a defective set?


  • thats strange? My Swiss roll like a dream.
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  • Would too much speed cream cause the bearings to slow down? I checked the axle nuts-they are good. So by skating more, the excess lube will push out? The hard part is skating on them more, man, they are sluggish! Peace
  • yeah ive acidentaly bent the shields before.. that sux. thats all i buy is bones swiss. never had a problem. they roll fast as F$%& =)
  • Okay, one more question, then I will let this "beat up horse" free. I'll have to inspect them for bent shields. If I am to send them in for a warranty look, and IF the shields are bent ...what is to happen then? Thanks for helping me out on this one. Dave in "flat-land" Alabama.
  • Ahh, I may know what's going on. I had these bearings from a gear swap. The backs are gold in color. They came with 7 ball bearings each with a retainer but no shields. The other week I did order some shields from ya'lls store. (the point of this is) what I bought was the black labyrinth shields! Just now I saw the grey swiss 7 shields. Is there a difference between the Labyrinth and swiss 7 shields?
  • yep. They are definetly the gold stamped swiss. When I got them, the gold stamped is on one end and the other end had just the retainer serving as a shield, sitting in a Bones Swiss box. The dude that I traded with said that these were old. Well, I being the frugal one I am and needing bearings thought I could just place "black" shields on to protect the bearings. On Skate One store, the blacks are for Labyrinth, grey is for Swiss 7 & Ceramic. When I ordered, I was thinking black for Swiss and Grey for Ceramics. Being this is the only pair of Swiss bearings that I have ever seen (i use the reds) I thought they all had the stamped gold backs. What to do?
  • Labyrith shields WILL slow down a regular Swiss Bearing. The regular Swiss don't have the groove for the Labyrinth flange on the shield to float in so it will rub on the inner race.

    sounds like they are over tightened on the axel as well.
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    buy a new pair of swiss. they will last twice as longs as two pair of reds and roll better. plus u get a sweet a$$ bones bearing sticker...its worth the price for that alone =)
  • Yeah, the Lab shields seem to be the wrong shield. Because I sure do FEEL the drag. The axle nut is good, I have checked them several times when I was first getting the slow performance.

    The issue now seems to be that these Swiss bearings are old as dirt, yet they are in perfect condition. The backs are an imprinted swiss gold color back. What did the other side have for a shield on the gold issues? Was it another gold imprinted shield?
  • the gold "shield" should be seen when in the wheel. It's only shielded on one side. if that gold shield is dented that could be rubbing against the balls as well. you'd have to press out the gold shields and put the "regular" Swiss rubber shields on THAT side only for it to work. the retainer side must NOT have a shield on it. that's on the inside of the wheel and there is no need for it. if you put a shield on the back, they aren't designed for that and it drag.
  • Thanks Bearing Guy - you are Da Man!
    I appreciate your knowledge. I thought you had to have a shield on both sides. Now it makes sense, to place the retainer side, in the wheel. This will work. This also explains why they do drag with a shield on the retainer side!
    Thanks again.
  • Bearing guy for the win!
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    these pics are from SOC. front and backside of bearings..i just opend em up, sounds like u got it figured out but just in case... here they are.....


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  • Yep, those gold shields are the ones. I have been riding them for a couple of weeks now - WoW have I been missing OUT on the action of Swiss bearings. These Swiss make me go SWOOSH!!

    Anybody know what years the Gold shields were out?
  • read ur other post about it
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