Looking for an unknown piece of hardware

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back in 85/86 my Caballero had a top metal piece for mounting trucks.
it was thin shaped like a riser pad, probably 1/16" took place of washers.

this was on the top of the deck, and the deck was mortised.
it kept the hardware from pulling through.

grip tape covered it.

Anyway it would'nt be hard to make, but though someone else may have had these.

Similar to this, but it was a plate mortised into the board, and was counter sunk for hardware.
a plate with bolts welded on to it would be kool to.
(bridge Bolt)


  • they are called u bolts
  • Sk8trip. Is that because you'll be always tripping over them?
  • Yea it's a U Bolt but square and flat.
    they call them bridge bolts from what I find as the application is different.

    I still have not found the plate, I'm thinking someone did this as a custom job.
    I mean this looked just like a metal riser with counter sink holes.

    I have this stuff I found in my garage, it's for mounting an upright air compressor to the concrete.
    thought about making the plates with. A little heavy though.
    (metal on the right, Rubber on the left)

  • You won't trip over them as they will be flush with the board, Mortised like a door hinge.
  • This seems like a solution for a problem that doesn't exist.
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    Wouldn't it make the deck really fragile there mr_scary? Because it's thinner after being mortised....like one ply less?
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    Well the problem does in fact exist, I have a deck where the bolts are are sinking deeper into the wood, tighten them a little each time, now about half way in.

    no it wont really make it to much thinner, and with added metal bolted will reinforce, could even put some Gorilla glue there to help support.

    Like I said I had a board back in the day that had this on it.
    and it worked great

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    I had problems with those damned countersunk screws sinking in and I came up with two great solutions:
    -1. Don't use countersunk bolts. Use the dome topped ones with Phillips or Allen key fitting that sit above the deck,
    -2. If you want to use the countersunk fuckers place a flat washer between the bolt head and the deck and when tightened the washer will bend. It becomes difficult for the bolt to sink any further as the diameter/surface area of the washer is greater than the bolt head

    P.S. Those sk8strips would be cool well placed at your local when said scooters arrive ;-)
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    Yes, that is a good idea, and we had the Allen head hardware back in the day that was pan head and sat in a cup washer those worked great too.

    I may end up doing just that, get a large washer and sink it a bit.

    I like tinkering with stuff though. so just makes for a fun project.
  • Don't sink the washer, let it seat itself when tightened mate. Problem fixed!
  • Maybe, but I dont want to tighten it to tight. will try first, then if needed i will drill a little bit.

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    Preferably a thin brass washer. Something that is malleable! Trust me, drilling is unnecessary as the washer becomes conical and fills the hole created by the countersunk bolt
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    Still feels a little week, maybe a larger washer, but it's working.
    thanks for the tip... WakeInFright,

    And I may put some wood glue in the whole to help reinforce it.
  • Maybe slightly larger in diameter and thickness. But that is pretty much it. A smaller headed bolt damages the wood easier than a larger headed bolt for the same tension
  • I think you're maybe over-tightening your bolts, @mr_scary.
  • The bolts,dig in over time and the trucks wiggle, maybe bad wood. I know better then to overtighten.
  • Over how much time are we talking about @mr_scary? How old is that setup in your pictures?
  • It was happening to my brand new mech dragon as well Bartman, that's why I came up with the idea and only bought dome tops in lieu of countersunk after that
  • It's the tony hawk pig, not a high quality board. But it's been abused. Toys r us
  • Whoa! I miss bridgebolts! I've been thinking of getting some and mounting a 1990 setup
  • Aka "bearing condoms".
  • Don't forget the big pants Sharko!
  • Ubolts I still have some in my 1989 zorlac Stanton. Just been discussing them today with the guys at slam city skates.
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