Clean Your Bearings the correct way.

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  • How many people clean their bearings these days?
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    If bearings slow down, get new one's!*

    *Unless your running the ceramic or six ball bearings. Cause thats a lot of money.
  • I've never in my life cleaned my bearings.  Can't imagine I ever will.
  • I've always been one to keep mine clean and fast. When I was a kid I was poor and couldn't afford new bearings. Was fortunate to even have a skateboard.

    Mine are making the grinding noise right now, need to clean. And lube
    Plus I personally think it's fun.
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    I only skate Bones Swiss. I never clean, just buy a new set once a year.
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    I clean up my bones swiss with a clean rag and add a touch of speed cream about 4 times a year. I skate on average for about 12 hours a month and they've lasted 4 years or so and still not slowing down. All but 1 sound smooth still after all that use. Probably 676 hours of use and can't imagine them ever breaking at this rate
  • I used to have an OCD bearing cleaning ritual, but all I do is apply Speed Cream anymore, and occasionally buy new bearings.  
  • I wouldn't say mine is quite ocd, I'm pretty haphazard with my cleaning, just any excess dirt and grime. Like you ghostie, the speed cream is what keeps em going imo
  • I guess I could pull out my bearings, and wipe off the dirt. Buy some speed cream, and give them a squirt!
  • Ya didn't know it!
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    Bust the cap on a Moet!
  • Green stuff grow it!
  • Then go blow it.
  • (Married? She won't) Suck and swallow it!
  • Don't I just know it.
  • Brother, yo it!
  • I'll just mow it.
  • Then just stow it.
  • Like you stole it
  • you do realize that abec1 has much more resistance then abec9
    It's not a myth higher rating makes it easier to go faster and last longer between each push.

    I know this from the fact that I have different abec rated bearing, the lower the abec rating the slower it goes, or harder to spin.

    My 4 Y/O daughter's board won't hardly even go when you push off.
    It's like the breaks are on.
  • Hmm, good point, Maybe I will pull some different bearings, clean each lube with same oil, and give them each a fair run.
    Could be that usually abec 1 bearings are poorly manufactured vs the Abec 9 having better craftsmanship. 
    I'll check the quality of polish as well.

    I'm using bones bearings right now. But I have:
    2 Sets BSB Abec 9 with TW nylon style retainer
    2 Sets Abec 5 Skate bearings with J/RJ metal type cage
    and various other types. but I can definitely tell the difference from the lower ABEC vs 5/9
    I will say not very noticeable between the 5/9/and bones super reds.

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