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  • It looks that way, as I do see some things in stock online and almost never on the S1 website.
    Biebs, you know Ryan at Drifter? He's our hometown dude. I've still got a couple of his pops.
  • G’day @Sharks , can you order multiple decks from a skate shop in the US instead?
  • yea ive known him since the myspace days haha his boards are dope as fuck
  • I might try OldSkull then. Kam suggested I post to a person in the US and ask that person to post to me but my cousin’s sick of me doing that.
  • i dont see that as a big deal but oh well
  • I guess I did that too much with my cousin. Anyway. Oldskull agreed to do that for me now. I’ll wait for stuff to appear there and will accumulate an order with them.
    @bb, maybe I could ask you for help in the future the same way?
    Kam used to be able to do this for me in the old factory but it’s no longer possible.
  • only problem is i dont use any e-payments so stuff like paypal etc are out of the question
  • If old skull falls through I’ll contact you.
  • Was sooo bummed on the signed decks. My wife and her mom were on the computer at 9:00 am when they were supposed to launch. They had one or two in carts and your system crashed constantly. The website kept freaking out and products jumping around all over the place. This was the same experience from two separate computers at two separate houses... what a let down. This was gunna be a main XMas gift.

    Add this experience to the fact that wife had been trying to buy me a normal McGill or Cab for the last 3 months with no luck either as everything says coming soon but never actually does like all the Bucky decks. My family and I check the site twice a day too...

    There’s just gotta be a better way guys, I am sooooo disappointed and still waiting to here back from the main office who said they would reach out.
  • shops are getting first dibs on decks and the bucky decks are definitely printed and being shipped out
  • I hear you @JSIDEZ! That’s wrong user experience all around. When you have nothing to sell, don’t just have a website full of “out of stock” or “coming soon”. This is awful teasing.
  • get ur local shop to get stuff for u it is the best way right now outside of paying a arm and a leg on ebay
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    At least one of our local stores that used to undercut all the others on the price of the first 6 of Bones Brigade Series is now charging $30-40 more than others for Vision and Schmitt Stix decks it got recently, a comparable price to Flight decks. The US decks are the same price, they haven’t gone up. They are picking and choosing which decks to gouge with. I saw at least 3 local stores close because they couldn’t compete with that store’s prices. I would go into a shop and ask why they were so dear, explaining I could get it for $20-30 less elsewhere, and they would ask where, and when I would tell them they would roll their eyes because they were buying direct from an American distributor or something like that, when the small shops were buying from an Australian distributor and bound by recommended retail prices.
  • yea that is some wild stuff
  • looks like some of u got ur wish peep this
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    Is it true that SkateOne are making some reissues in Mexico? I heard that today!
    I just checked a few...natural Cab Chinese Dragon and blue Per are made in Mexico!
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    yea reissues have gone to mexico they got a new factory down there instead of that american ripper sticker it is now a us flag and mexico flag together with the ripper it was actually mentioned a reaaaaaaaaaallly long time ago here is the link it is also on the site
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    @ovaldragon brought it up, and at that stage it was only the Hot Rod flames. More now though, not that Mexican production means bad quality
  • yea but it should have told the future for u lol
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    bunch of new products up
  • new wheels up
  • It’s a shame that they are making more decks in Mexico. I don’t mind paying $80 for an American made deck, but $80 for a less superior Mexico made deck is a hard sell.
  • I have no issues with Mexican made, I have some PsStix myself and they are quality. I have heard some bad stories about the Mexi Bucky...being too flexible, or thin? It seems most are buying them for the pretty pictures rather than to skate. Each to their own! ????‍♂️
  • yea boards made in mexico are super flexy
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