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    haha dont know about that @wake
  • Hawk Claw, Natty Iron Gate and Hill, track pants, cool wheels,....
  • well for u old school guys im sure there is alot in there for u
  • Dats cuz old skool iz da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Those Bones long sleeves are siiiick!! This is the best catalogue yet for me anyway!
  • Very nice! No surprises, but still enjoyed it :). Interestingly, I already bought everything I need from this one ;)...well almost.
  • I like the black/green Cab Ban This.
  • Check out the new pp completes! :)
  • That yellow dragon and bats looks pretty sweet with those Cab clear red wheels, though I think I'd go with some bombers or rat bones instead.
  • Why don't they put ML 8.75" trucks on the completes? It would make it a skate1 products complete and lower the price.
  • Good idea but it would probably push people away who already want era specific deck, trucks and wheels. ML wasn't around in the 80's methinks SK8ER!
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    because they have a deal with indy for their completes and minilogo didnt start til the mid 90s
  • ..And Indy's rule
  • You guys get the sweatpants? I just got mine in the mail from Old Skull and damn are they comfy. Ladies beware. B)
  • Those sweatpants will turn you into a Chick Magnet!
  • Make sure you go commando though!
  • Don't forget your Vision fanny pack to go along with your sweats. How else will you carry a pen for all the numbers the girls will throw at you? ;)
  • Definitely should cut the sleeves off your PP shirt and wear it backwards too (for the guns show). Ladys will be flopping down in front of you, no need for numbers :p
  • Sleeveless and backwards was Mike McGills style.
  • **August Comp Idea** @AnimalChin - PP sleeveless and backwards, best pic flaunting style wins?
  • Hahaha....Hawkhair wins(no one else enters)

    On another note I am so tired of non skaters wearing skater gear, like I was at my gym the other day and two beef cakes were wearing the exact same SC singlet! :#
  • I have worn/skated Vans my entire life and now anyone and everyone buys them....back in the day you would get your butt kicked for being a poser.
  • And rolled for whatever you were wearing!
  • Santa Cruz has sold out for me. Like Wake said, every man,kid and teenage chicks are wearing Santa Cruz shirts. The pro SC skull n bones elitists are very quiet about it. If it were Powell......
  • Star Wars was the tipping point imho.
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