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  • Mine used to be my left when I was mongo. From about 13 it's been my right lol
  • The best thing about modern skateboarding are those dudes who pose with their longboards in instagram photos with a "Skate and Destroy!!!" caption.

    "hey bro skate nd destory lol"
  • I never have liked those goofy looking long boards to those are the people who couldn't skate
  • Yeah, longboarders are the lamest. I hate those dorks who call regular boards "trick boards" or "short boards". I use my board for traveling and tricks like people have been doing for years.
  • eh man its all about whats good to you. if i dude likes surfing the sidewalks/streets on a longboard do it if it feels good to you. thats what skaetboarding about being yourself. i enjoy it even more now that im 25 and dont care about being cool. im 25 years old married got a 7 year old son ive had 2 hernia surgerys its to late for me to be cool now. theres a young teen who skate by on my street i seen him often on his long board skating with his husky, them two together synchronized im diggin it.
  • I dig what you are saying Grizzly(except for that teen synchronizing with his husky doggie....dude, get a girlfriend :# )
  • Doing your own thing is cool but being a numb-nut jock, who most likely wouldn't touch any type of board with wheels if it wasn't trendy, is not.

    And yeah, that dude should get a girlfriend. A man's best friend only goes so far before you get lonely in the sac. :p
  • I'm old school and long boards were never cool and there were none around when I came up skating in the 80s in Portland Oregon now it's like what granolas do
  • for the longest time my right shoe would always be destroyed but these days i destroy both
  • lol @WakeInFright.

    It's tough because I have seen some cool longboarding, balls out stuff down hills and in traffic, and even tricks. Slides better than I could ever do. One of the tricks in my own paltry arsenal is from longboarding (I don't know what it's called, and it's the only trick I do where at some point both feet are off the board, so to some of you, it's probably not even a trick).

    At the same time, longboarding is the point of access to "skateboarding" for many people who are what's wrong with the world. And there is this clash with "real" skate culture. I've found over the years that it's probably best to stay away from skate culture entirely, though, and just try to judge things like a human being. Despite differences in size and utility, they are both skateboards. To me it's like, maybe you like metal, maybe you're a Phish-head, or maybe you like trap hip-hop. At least you're listening to music.

  • that is what i tell ppl all the time u can hate longboards if u want but it is still a skateboard because it is a board and 2 trucks and wheels and grip
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    Yeah, agree with Wake. Consider the person, not the thing. I've know cool fruit-booters (*gasp*), and kook skaters.
  • Ultimately, does it really matter if other people skate something different than you? Should it matter? If they're doing it just to be trendy, that's really their issue and they'll probably eventually drop it and be gone anyway. For anybody else who finds fun and enjoyment doing tricks on a popsicle deck, skating an 80s reissue, cruising to classes on their 27" penny board or 40" longboard, or bombing mountain roads at 50mph, more power to all of them. Enjoy the freedom of being on a plank of wood with 4 wheels however you want!
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    Heck enjoy being on 2 wheels, am I right guys? Yall know who I speak of haha. I'm stoked to finally be back on my board. that was a long wait. I thought 2 weeks ago I'd be back on, just in the last 3 days did it stop hurting to push. My goal is to be back to Ollie's and start back in the parks by end of month. Cars dead at the moment so I'll be skating alot for now. Speaking of destroying shoes don't ever be tempted to buy those 15 dollar "skate" shoes from walmart they don't stand a chance.
  • It's still the lamest when dudes come up to you and go on about your "short/trick board" while hogging up the skate park along with the scooter dorks. If a longboard is for "just crusin bro" then stay outta the park! Not saying there aren't decent longboarders out there but all that I've met are moronic jocks. Like... Who the hell calls it a trick board!? Gimme a break!
  • I've never heard that term until now.
  • There are gnarly dudes that ride longboards and RIP.... then there's the "zumiez special" sporto that can hardly push without lookin like he's gonna die "cruising" around the Safeway parking lot
  • Different horses for different courses, still good horses just the same. I have two boys, the almost 6 at the skate park doesn't have natural balance, is fearless, and is looking at everyone else yelling "Look at me" rather than watching where he is going. The almost 4 has natural balance, watches where he is going, but gets scared if daddy's hands stray to far from him. I love them both the same!
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    Zumziez special: mongo pushing while sporting his 50 buck flathat that still has the sticker on the bill.
  • SoCal has 75 black PP tail bones. Are they being reissued or are these NOS?
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    they are new/reissue kam gave away 2 of them they are going to come with new screws
  • I never liked tail bones/skid plates back in the day, but I know a lot of the guys on here like them.
  • I never used rails or skid plate back in the 80s I really liked it when z-blanks came out then take flat hawk shape and add some concave and really high nose and tail save money no graphics
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