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  • I will get a autograph green vallely to go with my autographed blue red and yellow gota catch’em all
  • Yes @Ptown , I do believe you will catch them all!
  • I reckon it would be great if SkateOne sold shoe inner soles with PP graphics. I have read many threads on this forum bantering on about replacing your stock standard inner soles with new ones and I didn’t realise why, thinking it was a gimmicky thing, but my personal experiences over the last week have changed that view. I have a pair of Converse One Stars that I use as my everyday walk shoe, in particular, walking my dog. They are only three-four months old and they look ok up on top, the sole isn’t worn much, but I started to feel like I had a spur in my heel when wearing them this week. I realised it was only in these shoes when I compared how my foot felt in my Doc Martens boots on Saturday night. On closer inspection I removed the inner sole of the One Stars and noticed that their AirCell is part of the inner sole, not the under sole, and that it was a rectangular unit, made of plastic with vertical walls much firmer than the now impacted surrounding eva(or whatever foam compound they use today) making up the rest of the inner sole. So with the weight of my foot pressing down, in effect the vertical wall of the AirCell is pushing up, giving the feeling of a spur. Result, removed these inner soles and replaced with some sport inner soles and the shoes feel brand new!
  • new air freshners coming soon
  • ppl are having a fit today about the big balls being made in china lol
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    Why? We always new that they were a Chinese version of Swiss Super 6’s. Maybe they are coming down from their free slurpee sugar hit and are in rant mood! ;)
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    i dont know but instagram is in a uproar about it i had to set some ppl straight and lol

    go peep the dumb comments

  • I’m not on Instagram so that’s a meh from me. I reckon they are better than SuperReds, and that’s all that matters imo, an improvement!
  • well it is a public profile so u can still read them
  • Each time I click on something I have to log in with Facebook(which I am not on), or give them my email address and password(which I do not want to do)!
  • i see well ok
  • I'm not sure what people expected. And i don't think they're supposed to be better than Super Reds (if the price is any indication). I have been skating a set and like them a lot, but it's hard to say that they're heads above the old, crusty set of regular Reds I retired. Fresh, new bearings are going to be nice in any case.
  • Boils down to peoples love to bitch- and the ability to do just that via social media
  • I think that for bearings there are three options in the world today: China, Thailand and Switzerland. If you made a bearing in the US my guess is that it would come at a price nobody is willing to pay.
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    Socalskateshop just listed Rat Nuts on their site. They are not labeled NOS, so they must be reissue.....sweet!
  • im sure germany is still making bearings i know taiwan is
  • lots of new boards in the specials section including a ligament board
  • Woah. Where did all these come from?
  • leftovers
  • New here, curious when the new series of BB colorways are being announced?
  • Welcome to the forum @bixby !

    Biebs, would they be decks from shops/suppliers that never sold? Returns? My parents had a business and certain stock from suppliers that did not sell and went out of date was refunded at the wholesale price. This included magazines and newspapers. Normally you only had to return the front cover of the magazine!
  • na remember skate one does heat transfers so they probably randomly found a shit load of them and i never heard that happening to a skate company
  • What happens to a skate shop’s stock when it goes out of business?
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    There was a partial shop lot of decks, wheels and trucks sold as one parcel for around $2.4k on trademe, our ebay in NZ.
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