Ceramic Reds

When they gonna be in shops?


  • should be in a few months. we all just got sets to test a few weeks ago and r&d hasn't asked for them back yet. mine are epic! you guys are going to love them.
  • i bet they are banging
  • are they better than bones swiss???????????????
  • they are as fast but the wont last as long cause the ceramic balls are harder and will wear the steel down. theoretically at least. heck they may not even wear down at all. time will tell
  • Any chance that these are going to be available in 7mm?
  • umm sorry for the mis-information handed out there. The ceramic balls are harder thus crushing the debris that enters and "heals" the running surface of the bearing. We DO and WILL still be offering a bearing rebuild program. since the balls are superior and won't rust, we can put those balls into new steel races, with new retainers and shields at a much lower price than buying a new set. We currently offer this for the Swiss Hybrid Ceramic as well.
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