Green/Black Ripper

Looking for a set of 64mm wheels in 90a or 93a for my vintage Sword and Skull. I can find both Cross Bones and G Bones that match my criteria, but have no experience with either. Goal is a good wheel for slick bowls. Any thoughts or recommendations on these or other wheels? Also considered the 67mm T Bones in 93a or maybe some Bombers if I go with something modern.


  • Personally I would go with Rat Bones or Bombers, but the new SOC stuff doesn't come in 90 or 93. But you said NOS, so maybe you could find some NOS Rat Bones that fit the bill.
  • OldSchool for the Ice Bowl you want wider wheels and soft. Look for at least 37mm wide I would say. In the size your looking at all of those wheels should be fine, but I think the Rat Bones if you like the flat innner wall, or Min Cubics or Bowl Bombers or Riders. All of these wheels come in 95a which should be plenty grippy for P58.
  • rat bones are probably your best bet for a vintage skull and sword. cubics are too heavy and clumsy. t-bones are a good choice just not for that board...i say stick with rat bones for that deck for sure.
  • Thanks for the advice guys. I'll put a set of rat bones on the "to buy" list. Think they would be a good choice for a re-issue Ripper? Seriously considering the new K15 concave in green and black. SoCal says they are expecting them this month. Any truth to that?
  • i don't believe that is true. the deck should be out soon but next week is not likely. i personally havent seen any test samples or anything for it yet which i normally do. i can say that the silver Mike V deck should be out soon. maybe next week.
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    Any updates on when the new K15 concave Ripper will be available?
  • the ripper is currently on K15 and was changed about midway through last catalog. if you are waiting for the new colorway it will probably be a little while. i will post it here when it becomes available.
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