Caballero Chinese Dragon new color???

Just curious if there might be a new color for the Caballero Chinese Dragon in the near future???


  • no. its staying red until the September catalog.
  • then is sept it will be hot pink right??????? =)
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    haha i will recommend that to the art dept. heck they may just kill that deck and replace it with the snake skin?
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    SOC WROTE: heck they may just kill that deck and replace it with the snake skin?

    X 2 ; )
  • uh oh i hope i didnt start a rumor. we will probably keep that Chinese dragon but bring it out in another color way.
  • sacrifice it!
  • time will tell
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    There's been a black, white, red colorway, so far, I would love to see the light blue one next!

    Sept is my birthday and the light blue full dragon was my 1st ever board...maybe it's destiny :p
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    they released the light blue version a few years ago except it was on a "popsicle"it was part of the "brigade" line it was a 7.75 i thought about getting it but after i saw that 7.75 i was like nope that wont work lol
  • noted. thanks
  • yeah just to chime in with Bill, I would like to see some popsicle's in 8/8.25/8.5 and 8.75 inch widths with the "old" graphics. I would love to see a FP or a McGill Skull and Snake on a size and shape I ride. I am stoked on the 8.375 Ray Bones Popsicle I pulled out of retirement and fixed up. My only gripe with this board is the K11 concave. After riding the K15 and some deeper BL concave the K11 feels weird in the tail? Let's see some mid size sticks!!!
  • the new Sk & Sw has K15. grab some of those bad boys. my favorite deck by far. it did increase in width up to a 8.75 for your riding pleasure.
  • As an opposing voice, I really don't like the new Rodriguez. It's way too wide. Sure, old school boards get wide, but not all the way through. Usually there is some taper. The new Rodriguez is just way to fat and tank-y for me. A fat popsicle just seems like a concaved piece of plywood to me - no soul... I'd seriously give mine away if it weren't a pain in the ass to ship.

    I think 8.375 is as wide as you can go for the popsicle.

    On the other hand, the 'skull and sword' (the one that is coming in white) - while fat in the front, has a nice taper. The taper makes so much difference.

    I pulled my Rodriguez 8.375 out of retirement as well. It's pretty cool. But I agree with you noskool - the tail on the 8.375 feels weird - I think because it's so flat.
  • cwalker3 - i'll take that rodriguez off your hands. perfect board for me.

    please keep it available SOC - any graphic, no graphic, doesn't matter as long as that dragon's on top - nice shape and sized "piece of concaved plywood!"
  • yeah cwalker the tail is very flat.
  • "The taper makes so much difference." - I couldn't agree
    with ya more, cwalker, I know my posts sound like a broken
    record on this, but yeah, totally - there's no need for all dat
    nose... if spring ever gets here, I'm plannin' on pulling out an
    old vato rat template & drawing/sanding out a slimmer tapered
    nose on my new ray-bones. I've done this before with my hot
    rod flames, & it usually works out ok, only sometimes I get a little
    crooked if I've had a couple of beers beforehand...
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