Powell Peralta Deck Teck?

I was searching around eBay and found a few Tech Deck Collector Series PP boards, Hawk, McGill, Mountain, Bones. But when I check the techdeck website, they don't list specific boards or show a catalog. Are these new releases? I can't seem to find them (specifically the LM FP) anywhere except eBay. Just looking to get some info on them. I assume these were OKed by both PP and the rider.


  • "I assume these were OKed by both PP and the rider."

    yes i would imagine that is true.

    im not to in to the whole tech deck collecting thing but i did hear there is a ollie gelfand that just came out as well as the skull and snake. sorry i dont have any more information than that.
  • Yea, I don't collect tech deck's either....but I HAD to buy the Mountain FP. I figured I might as well get the whole PP set...being the PP sheep that I am.

    If only they had a Flammable Bones one as well....it would go great with the Flammable Bones shirt you fine people will be reissuing here shortly. (big crap eating grin)
  • haha i didnt know we were producing a flammable bones shirt!?!?! haha

    i think i would be in to buying them only to match boards that i would have in my collection. but i dont really have any rad boards in my collection so.... yea. good luck with your search Chris!
  • they have a mountain fp tech deck???? i want one!
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    That's what I said when I found eBay auction # 280315104412. I bought one, but am thinking I will buy all the PP decks....I just don't know where to get them. I can't find ANY info on the release dates of these boards. I mean, I'll buy them on eBay for $20+ a pop....but I would feel stupid if I walk into my local Target next week only to find all of them for $4 each.
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    i dont know where you live but.. out here in chicago you CANT find em at target or toys r us etc... trust me ive looked. i bought 2 of the hawks and a cab so far on the bay, but i want a mountan fp and the new hawk they just put out... and yeah tech decks website blows... no info at all.
  • I received my LM FP today....I have to say, I've never been into collecting these, but I can't wait to display it between my black and red original FP and my reissue.
  • Hello fellow Brigaders. Long time Powell Peralta fan here. I've been reading the Skate One forums for a while now (you guys are very informative, thank you), but this is my first post. *woo hoo!*

    Anyway, I've been hunting for these Tech Decks as well, and have found a pig Hawk and an F-14 McGill at two different K-Mart locations here in New Orleans. Hard to say for sure, but maybe these were distributed more widely there. I've checked Walmart and Target more regularly and have never seen anything other than Santa Cruz, Hosoi, and Dog Town there. So don't forget to check your K-Marts! :-D
  • great first Post REX. welcome to the forum.
  • dont forget toystores like kb toystore even though they are getting ready to close up :(
  • Thanks soc, it's great to be here!

    Update on my searches: I checked the third (and last) K-Mart in my area and scored a Caballero, then headed to TRU and found a Gelfand, and a Skull and Snake McGill.

    I forgot about KB too, but they're already closed here. :-/
  • I live near Baltimore. There is a Toys R Us in what I think is Catonsville. It's a dumpy one. Anyway I was there at lunch looking for something for my son, and they must have unloaded a whole case of the things. There were like 6 McGill's, 5 Hawk's, a bunch of other one's like Billy Ruff, Alva, and a generic G&S. Only one Ollie and one FP. I don't know why, but I was compelled to pick up a Hawk and an FP.

    So check your dumpy Toys R Us' in the 'hood.
  • i havent been to catonsville in ages
  • Got a FP and a Hawk today at We B' Toys and S@#t. Love the blue wheels on theses decks and the colorway on the Hawk reminds me of Junior High man! I want both of these real decks hanging on my office wall not just the tech decks on my desk!
  • I happened to be in Target and Toys R Us today, scored a Hawk, Cab, and McGill. Now I need to find the Bones, 86 Hawk, and Gelfand.
  • ive bought a few of the techdeck brand oldschool ones but i prefer to make my own since i can get the original shape.
  • Like I said above, I ended up with a few of these for some reason. I eventually came to my senses and realized I don't need another collection, so I returned them to the store. I did keep a Hawk and opened it, and gave it to my 2 year old. (He was hooked on skateboarding already.) It's his favorite toy, and he takes it everywhere with him, and even sleeps with it.
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