New Pool Light Ripper Popsicle K15

When will the K15 pool light ripper be available? Has it already been sent Distributors?


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    they are available and should be the ones on the website under powell classic. the ones on powell peralta are just going to have a slightly different color to the pool light.
  • What about top Graphic? Is there one? Same on both?
  • there is not a top graphic on either of them
  • Any word on a k15 mini logo?
  • no word yet but i will pass it on. what size would you like to see it in because we do offer two contemporary shapes with that concave.
  • If I had to choose I would say 8.75 - .25 inch of width is no big deal. 8.5 is good too. What ever you think you could sell more of.
  • thats pretty darn close to the pool light ripper deck and the ray rod deck. you should grab one and see how you like it. a lot of here ride those because we dig pools and bowls. plus for me i have size 12 feet so a wider deck feels way more comfy
  • That's exactly what I want - but at a mini-logo price (times are tough). The question is would a K15 pool \ park rider in the mini-logo price range be a good niche to fill - or would it just cannibalize sales from the higher end decks? I am kicking my self for not picking up the blem Ray Bones on special - but my current rider is still in good shape.
  • You need another deck like the 8.375 Ray Bones. I just pulled that deck out of retirement and it is awesome!
  • its always good to bring up topics like this to just have it in the back of some peoples heads.

    at the moment we dont have any plans to make a ML with that concave because this is actually the first request for one. but its a great idea. as far as a ML taking away from graphic deck sales, we may see a change but lots of riders who buy those boards also buy them for the graphic. sometimes it just feels good to be at the park and pick up your board and remember just from the graphic memories of skating when you were a youngster (or teen. i was a youngster in the 80's.). that is just what i kind of understand about the specific market who buys a modern shape with a classic graphic. the whole price thing makes sense and im sure it would make for a great addition to the ML line but in actuality how many people will really buy one? im sure some but its a roll of the dice.

    i will pass on your request though and maybe someday it will be the ML slippy model. ha
  • If you do make a K-15 mini-logo in 8.75" to 9" wide, don't forget to make it Length: 33.25" long with a wheelbase of 15" or more.
    (I know these are the dims of the Graffiti Ripper and newer Ray Bones, I'm just giving my opinion of what I would be stoked on- I'll probably get the board with the graphics- hard to beat 'em).
  • Thanks for listening. Do a small run and see what happens. I love the graphics as much as the next guy - I was a kid in the 80s as well (thats why I visit the site). I will admit I sometimes buy a deck for graphics but its got to have the right dimensions first. I have found wheel base makes a huge difference.

    Two problems with graphics 1. I am cheap and just looking for a deck to skate till its splinters 2. For some reason I have hard time throwing out decks with graphics when they done... you can only hang so many beat up decks in the garage. A blank, if its broke it goes in the trash, if just beat you leave it at the park and it finds a new owner.
  • Damn Slippy, Glad to hear I'm not the only one hoards old beat boards, because somehow I'm attached to 'em. I guess graphic's do give the board a little more soul. Never crossed my mind that way 'till now...
  • "graphic's do give the board a little more soul. Never crossed my mind that way 'till now... "

    yup. too bad more people dont realize that.. we may actualy have skateboards again not mass produced popsicle clones with no soul.
  • Deep down, I probably knew it. Just didn't realize how attached to the worn out junkers (that had graphics) I was 'till I thought about how I really didnt' give a crap about the blank junkers.
  • Alright just to continue this, when is the blue vato rat gonna be available? I busted the tail of my Ray Bones popsicle all up today, and I need a new 8.25-8.5 inch deck. I would like the Rat, as the pool ripper is a little long for me.
  • i will find out and post it up later today. good question
  • so there are 50 left of the black with red vato rat deck which means when those sell out we will replace it with the blue. hopefully soon. the blue looks epic
  • SOC - "accidentally" knock them off the shelf and then you can put them on the specials page - they'll go fast.

    i had a blue one in 03 when it was 8.5. it was nice
  • Earthquake at SOC mysteriously damages last 50 Black Vato Rats.
  • you guys are classic.
  • isnt that the truth
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