ok Jesse, I got a wheel request/?

Me & my buddy went out Lansdowne yesterday to take advantage
of the killer weather... Was riding 68mm 85 duro Bombers, which
are great wheels, WAAY faster than surf 1's or G-Bones I've tried before-
But I'm thinking for the older 'crete there that I'd like 'em in a little
harder duro; ACTUALLY, just like the 95a Bowl Bombers, only in a
68mm, instead of just 64mm. I like the BB's in both pf & 95a alot,
& think that 95 formula urethane might be the deal for older parks/
long snake runs like the 'downer & Kona - You could even call 'em
Snake Run Bombers (just a thought). Question I'm wondering is if
you guys pour them in the 68 Bomber molds, will they still have the
same rebound/speed/grip in that shape, or would it be easier just to
make them like the Bowl Bombers, in a 68mm?? Sorry for the technical
redundancy, it's just been weighing on my mind since yesterday, & I
thought I'd throw it out there...


  • Hey Captain, thats a decent request but chances are pretty slim that we wouldn't make a wheel that large in that hard of a duro. like you mentioned, the G-Bones are similar to that and are probably the closest you will get to what you want for the time being. i will add this to the request list for you though. as for having the same properties as the 85's i dont believe that would be possible. what you will most likely gain in speed you will loose in grip. especially on rough terrain. rebound would still be fairly high because of the high end urethanes we use but a softer wheel will mostly always have greater rebound than a harder wheel if that is what you are asking. personally i have always dug a softer wheel for older concrete. really hard wheels feel like riding on ice to me at least. except in new parks. but here comes personal preference as the keystone in personal set-ups. if i didnt answer this completely or correctly let me know but i think that was pretty good.
  • thanx for getting back on this Jesse, I see what you're saying,
    & it makes sense that they might be too hard a duro in that size;
    riding (s)pf's @ an older place like Lansdowne or even rougher
    'crete like Carroll Park in Baltimore City feels like a dentists' drill's
    going off on your teeth, alot of chattering. My friend was riding
    Abec no schools 92a's & raving about them; I took a spin on them
    & wasn't impressed, the Bombers still killed them on speed- They are
    yellowing some, so maybe it's time for a new set...
  • i really want to go to carroll that place looks sick!
  • Bill, you never been to Carroll Park? I know there's some guys
    there who skate Charm City, one told he he took "goin my way MTA"
    over there (which seems like a long ride). It's a fun place, definitely
    take the softer wheels. weren't you into the ditch techs? They'll do
    ya right because the concrete's a rough pour; I don't know what the deal
    was with it, maybe cwalker knows more about why it's so ghetto - which
    reminds me, the neighborhood's kind of sketchy (to say the least). The park's
    ok, I just usually see 5-0 cuffin' & stuffin' the homeboys when I'm driving to
    get there. Haven't been lately because it also has drainage issues...
  • ps -cwalker, I didn't mean to imply you were "ghetto" dude -
    I just re-read my post, & thought, that didn't sound right;
    anyway, I just meant you might know a little more about the
    history of the place - I remember going there years ago, & it
    was in a different location in the park, was all banked street ramps,
    & they even had a pad nanny collecting $... then it seemed like they
    had 2 stages of the concrete, if I'm not losing my mind? The stuff
    that's all in the middle now (which is really rough), then they added
    what's around, with the gate (till that was torn down). Anyway, if
    anybody's headed out there, gimme a heads up & I'll try & meet up
    (safety in numbers)
  • man you should try the DTF's if you can still find some. I think there are a few sets on the specials page. I love these wheels for rough crete and slick indoor skatelite. Best wheels ever for stuff you can't rock SPF's on!!!
  • i do have dtfs but im what u would call a modern skater aka i skate 7.5 boards with 51-53mm wheels
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    You know I've never been to Carrol Park. I only recently started skating again about two years ago, and I'll be damned if I have any idea where the new skate park is (I skated the old one). I know Carrol Park, and I've taken a train past there a few times and have tried to scope out the skatepark, but I can't find it. I don't think you can drive in the park, and I didn't feel like wandering around on my board by myself, 'cos the place is huge. So where the hell is it?

    Here is a video from the park I found on the internet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2WCybORvwI

    I also read a post on the internet that said the concrete was 'sweeped' - meaning there might be bristle marks in the pour.

    And wherever it is in the park, that place is firmly entrenched in the 'hood for sure.
  • we also got a outdoor park here in dundalk off north point blvd
  • Bill, I've skated that park. It's pretty bad, don't you think? The mega-miniramp (5 footer) has potential, but it's rusty, and it needs more flat bottom.

    I'm in Perry Hall and the county wants to put a park right around the corner. If it's those junky rust prone ramps, it's almost not worth the effort.
  • Also, fixed my link a few posts up...
  • na i never been there lol i know a hotspot in perry hall is called ridge
  • Ridge? What's 'at?
  • Carroll's "sweeped" alright, my guess by public works guys who
    really couldn't tell the difference between a sk8board & boogieboard-
    a similar mess up occurred @ the Lancaster PA sk8park: you look @pics
    of it, & it looks epic, the trannies are very screwed up & the pour isn't
    all that great either - I skate it anyway, because after ya get used to it,
    it can be kind of fun (Jeff Shepard told me he went once & never will go back)

    Anyway, easy directions to Carroll: take 95 south through tunnel, then exit on
    MLK, past Ravens stadium - 1st left you can take (Lombard maybe?) head thru
    Pigtown, & when you get to the school on left, before where the old ramps used to be
    take a right - you'll see the fields & swingsets - @ end of street, there's another school
    on yor right, & a PAL/Rec building (graffitti) on the left : the skatepark's behind the
    PAL/Rec building. Like I said, there used to be a fence, but now it's open. The center
    never seems like it's open, but there's usually some dope-smokers heading up the hill behind
    the concrete, follow the scent, & volia'! (no kidding, one day it smelled like Bob Marley's
    entire Jamaican posse was in the trees)

    I got shut down going to those North Pt ramps, Bill - It was the middle of the afternoon, it
    was summer, & it was closed - I couldn't understand it! Think I mentioned before there used
    to be a nice ditch further down North Pt Blvd... Years & years ago 2 guys named Tommy &
    Jimmy used to have "the House Ramp" not far from there; it was vert, then cut down to about
    6ft, with big trannies, was alot of fun - they used to have parties/bands there alot
  • Ridge's a little further down Bel Air Rd, south of Perry Hall/Overlea/Fullerton
    I think it might even be over & into the City line - it's on the right-hand side where
    a big old auto-dealership used to be, can't remember it's name, but it's not hard to find-
    I haven't been down there in a long while, is it still goin' on?
  • south of a town called guadalupe, between two junk yards? look out for the hole in the ramp! what?
  • Thanks for the tip on Carrol. I'll try to find it.

    If the Rec Center is open at North Point, they are cool about opening the fence. They get lazy about it because they say no one ever shows up. That's the one thing I like about it - if I just feel like chillin' and practicing some stuff with no crowd, it's good for that.
  • yea ridge is still going on
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