Hey guys i was just wondering what duro is the STF close to? Also, im looking for a wheel between 57mm-60mm and around 92 or 93a any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks


  • man STF is hard as rocks. They are probably around 101a. If you want a 92 ish wheel you should try the DTF formula if you can find any left. They are like a 93-94 but carry speed like a 99a wheel.
  • Oh. i thought STF would be a little bit softer but i guess not. Yeah thanks, im going to go try and find a set of DTF's.
  • yea stfs are more for the popsicle type skaters and nowhere near the duro as old school wheels
  • STF's are comparable to 104-105's. we have the Skull and Sword wheel thats a 90 that you might dig. here is a link
  • True Dat SOC they are off the A duro chart! Yeah that 90a skull and sword has a sweet cut like the SPF Fireball shape but a soft feel for bumpy roads.
  • Sweet, thanks guys. Ive got a caballero full dragon, Valley reject, and ripper in the mail im trying to get all set up for.
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