Dodgy 90A Oval Dragon wheel!

I have had these wheels on this board for about a month, brand new out of the packaging, and I did a few berts today and this shit happens. I understand Rough Riders are not meant to be slid but run of the mill 90A wheels? As much as I'd like to fork out the cost of the wheels to have them shipped to SkateOne from Australia, I may as well bang my head on the wall and just thrash them to death. I guess I'll just stick to Bombers in the future if I choose to buy SkateOne wheels again :'(



  • 90a is for sure a cruiser/filmer wheel and not a trick wheel if u want a trick wheel then get a 101a
  • I have skated the 90a Skull and Sword and the 90a Rat Bones. I slide them and have no trouble. You should contact Kam.
  • Yeah I'll do that SK8ER!
    Sorry, BB, I have to disagree. The size, weight and profile is that of a trick wheel, not a cruiser. And I can slide 85A Bombers, which are a cruiser, so I should be able to slide 90A wheels too :|
  • yeah it seems like 90A should be able to slide.
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    size doesnt mean anything it is all about the duro of the urethane the harder it is the longer it will last
  • @WakeInFright - Definitely hit Kam up about this. Every now and then we get a bad one.
  • Kam replaced my Rough Riders sight-unseen. IE I didn't have to mail them.
  • I cannot slide anything under 97a even at the skate park I have trouble sliding 64mm 97a. size does matter a little width anyway, gives more surface area that relieves. being 230lbs doesn't help either.
  • Just stick with bombers. I slide mine like crazy, slappy curbs, and they never flatspot.
  • if i slid anything under 100a they would break in half
  • I want to see Bill split some Bombers!
  • i probably could lol
  • Kam's going to replace them...good man! Bb, go back to the 80's where a street wheel was <95A and ramp was >=95A. They slid and didn't rip up. The skating world didn't start when 101's came into play bro B)
  • fair enough
  • I still have a set of 66mm 96A Universal Supa-Natural wheels (an Aussie company) from about 1987ish. One of them is super coned from all the slides. Might even put them back on something one day.
  • They were a great brand, great rails too
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    Do you guys have to sign in every time you come here?
  • Yes. And also sometimes reading a new thread
  • Bb's special! :p
  • I don't
  • I have to login twice.. initially I have to login even though I've told it to remember. When I do hit the login button it already has my infor saved and when I click login it says invalid user/login ... click for the second time and it let's me in.
  • Same here
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