Skate Movies

I've been trying to collect all the good old skate movies.
Any good skate movies I don't know about, or may have forgot about over the years.
Please share.

Feel free to add to the list.

- Skateboard
- Thrashin
- Gleaming The Cube
- Lords Of Dogtown


  • Future Primitive is the greatest skate movie ever made.
  • wassup rockers,skateboard,the skateboard kid 1 and 2,box boarders,dogtown and zboys
  • Skateboard Superstunts
  • Search for Animal Chin & it's doco & with commentary, Public Domain, Wheels of Fire, Psychoskate
  • I think you're talking about mainstream movies that featured skateboarding, not skate videos. In that case, "Police Academy 4," "Freddy Got Fingered," "Skateistan," and probably some others.

    If you're talking skate videos a lot of people missed "Sick Boys" back in the day; it's on Youtube. The commentator goes in and out of failing his once-through, so that sucks, but it's also sort of funny, and the street skating is solid.
  • @Ghostbuster - The Police Academy 4 scene will always be awesome, "Shoot for the Top, run like a Winner" -

    That "Ho-Ho" at the end!!
  • "Kids," I can't believe I forgot that one. That beat-down scene! So many skaters coming out of the woodwork.
  • David Spade>Tony Hawk
  • That's my favorite part of police academy. Spade is like 5' nothing, and he skates off and immediately grows a foot taller.
  • I watched "Stoked The Rise And Fall Of Gator" last night.
    What a douche, we never liked him around here because of the fad style, so I never thought to watch the movie back in 02'
    But damn that story is messed up.
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    that parking garage, we used to skate one downtown, probably influenced by that scene. we called it the pink elephant.
  • I had a vhs with these. I loved them!

  • I got blasted for saying this a few years ago, but I stand by it. When it comes to the trouble guys like Gator, Hosoi, Adams, and many others found themselves in, I believe Stacy deserves credit for coaching his guys both in skating and in life. I belive that Stacy, seeing what happened with the guys he skated with, knew that he needed to help his young skaters navigate fame and fortune.

    As far as the movies go, the docs in a certain order kind of tell the history of skating, even though they are all told from a biased point of view, and most focusing on one skater.

    Dogtown -70s

    Bones brigade
    Rising son
    Stoked -80s

    Souled the world -late 80s, early 90s

    All this mayhem - 90s
  • I'm ready for the Lee Ralph Barefoot documentary. Such a good skater that has got little to no recognition.
  • Not if you live in Australia or New Zealand SK8ER. The Hardcore(Globe) bros' pumped Ralph and Gregor Rankine more than a brothel is when a US warship is in town!
  • That's good to hear Wake.
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    I've had this on the 'Junkies website for a while, but since you asked so nicely SK8ER, here you go....
  • Rad! Thanks Wake.
  • There are a lot of things that children grasp from the shows and movies they watch. My kids started skating after they saw one of the series by Andrew Yeatman online. I felt very happy about it because when I used to tell them to scared they were scared but after watching, the kids do that, they did it on their own.
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    Does anybody know where to find All this Mayhem (documentary/movie)?
  • BB, that link looks pretty fishy. What is that plugin it was trying to get me to install?
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    i dont know but just ingore it but if it will make u feel better i can take the video off the site and send it to ur email

    update: i have it downloaded so if u want it drop ur email
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