Mini Logo Praise

I recently setup an all mini logo deck and it rules! It's a natty 8.5 small bomb, 8.38 raw trucks, 56mm 90a wheels, and grip and hardware. I have always wanted an all mini logo deck for street play and so far I am loving it.


  • SK8ER going all militant! Pics for praise!
  • I always wanted to try those 90a wheels. Are you using risers with that setup? I know those trucks are really low and get wheel bite easy.
  • Posting pics on here takes forever, but I might when I have the time.

    I currently have the MiniLogo 1/10 riser and it is fine for street play and I don't ride my trucks loose. If I ever take it to a bowl I would probably throw on a 1/8 or 1/4 riser.

    I wish Mini Logo would make an 8.75" or 9" deck so I could use the mini logo 8.75 trucks.
  • I use trucks a quater inch larger on pops boards, only a fraction of axle sticks past the board and wheels are pretty much bang on the width. Having said that skate one pops boards taper at each end, what is the front and back truck widths of your mini logo Board? I would guess wider at the front than the back.
  • If I remember correctly it's 8.4" at the front trucks and 8.25" at the rear. The ML 8.38" trucks fit it perfectly.
  • posting a photo takes less than five minutes lazy butt
  • Less than 1 minute if that bb...
  • I forgot to mention that the Mini Logo complete only cost me $88.
  • Been skating my ML setup for two weeks and it is still going strong. The only new adjustment I made was adding bones bushings to the trucks.
  • $88 for a quality complete is pretty good. Seems like some bones bushings will help any set of trucks. Back to ML stuff - anybody know if the ML AWOL wheels are the same as the PP ATFs? Same sizes, shape, and durometer, so I've been wondering if the AWOLs are the PP ATF formulas but made in China and put in the ML product line, so they cost a bit less. I have two sets of PP ATFs and I've been happy with them. If I ever need a new set of 78a wheels, I may just go with the AWOLs.
  • The ML AWOL wheels are made in the USA and are the same size, duro, as the PP ATF. Most ML wheels are still made in the USA, only the 53mm 90a hybrids are made in China. I ride the ML 56mm 90a hybrids and they are made in the USA and are treaded, unlike the oval dragons, and they slide way better than the oval dragons.
  • I have a pair of AWOL wheels. I put them on my Billy Bakker Special. They are great wheels.
  • Good to know. I like that they have green ones but I wish they made more colors, like the Bones rough riders.
  • What I find miraculous about the AWOL wheels is that they actually gain speed while you cruise. How in the world did they engineer that?
  • On flat ground
  • Perhaps George unlocked the secret of perpetual motion and then improved it.
  • Mongo pushing?
  • Ha ha, the mongo pushers were right all along!
  • Mongo rules!!!
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    Back when it was brand new
  • I've never been very partial to natural finish decks, but I think that looks pretty nice!
  • I think natty looks nice Kyle!
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