This is a pretty good watch:
BS with TG : Natas Kaupas Part 1

And the Dressen one is pretty good too:


  • And the BS with TG : Tony Hawk
  • Why doesn't anyone ever ask Natas if he still skates?
  • The Dressen episode was good. Gotta watch the Natas episode. Grosso's love letters is another great one to watch. Nobody rants so awesomely like he does.
  • The Next Natas part.
    Good stuff.
  • Tour of the Powell Warehouse.
    Check it out.
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    The SkateOne video was too cool! Proud to support what they do.

    Interesting that Natas backed away from skating because he couldn't get a big shaped deck and didn't want to ride small decks with small wheels. Crazy that Natas couldn't get the style of deck that he wanted to skate.
  • All the tour videos are great, but being there in person is on a whole other level.
  • Is that the tour video where George cracks a boob joke when talking about printing the wheel graphics? That was too funny.

    Here's a nice little table talk interview with Lance Mountain. Lance is the man. I never get tired of watching him skate or listening to an interview.
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    Lance Mountain, 9 Club:

    Great stuff!

  • Thanks dude!
  • I listened to the first 30 minutes on the way home today, I swear I could listen to Lance talk for days. And that's exactly what I plan on doing.
  • Great interview, listened to the podcast today
  • I only got as far as Lance talking about cutting Cadillac fins off , lol . Must watch the rest later.
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    I had never seen this video part of Lance Mountain. Have any of you? It's been out a while.

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    Five Hours of Mike V on the Nine Club:

  • It's funny, I saw that pop up on Youtube and thought "Mike V, this should be interesting.....probably be really long though because that dude likes to talk." Sure enough, 5 hours.

    I'm only 44 minutes in, listening on my drive to work. The guys commented that he has such vivid memories and I can't help but think "Of course they seem vivid, he's making them up as he goes along.". Maybe the story will change as he gets more into detail, but when he released the Jeff Philips Breakout tribute deck he talked about how it was his first board, even on his website it mentions that was his first board and...I quote from his site. "Naturally, Vallely decorated it by cutting Black Flag bars into the grip.". Yet here he is saying he picked out a Craig Johnson and the dude who ordered the deck is the one who cut the bars into the griptape.

    I know I'm super critical of the guy, but I just can't help it.
  • I don’t think I will even invest 5 minutes of my life listening to that “The Nine Club”
  • This episode or the Nine Club in general? The Lance episode was awesome. 3 hours of Lance telling stories.

    I've listened to a few of them, honestly most of them are so-so. Lance is awesome as always, the Hawk one was good. I figure the Mike V one will be entertaining if nothing else.
  • The Vman one @Chris . Funny that V is 5 in Roman numerals, not unlike the length of his episode!
  • Lol yea. But I can't pass up Mike V talking about Mike V for 5 hours. The level of bullshit entertainment is going to be off the charts. By the 3 hour mark I expect him to talk about how he formed Black Flag and taught Tony how to skate.
  • @Chris @WakeInFright I though the episode was really good. Maybe cause I always wondered about the Virginia Beach part of his story. And he talked about that in depth. Also seems he is still down with George Powell.
  • He grates me @myren !
  • Possibly @myren . Each time I listen to him I lose a bit of myself that I never will get back!
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