20% off coupon

For "friends and family" - check yo email. Ends 26-Aug.


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    aww wish it was infinite im still waiting on the day we get a 50 percent discount code haha
  • Whaat? Aren't I friends and family? I wanna buy sth.
  • I got nada too Sharko! It must be like a frequent flyer's thing...
  • "SKATE20"
  • Nice shootin' Tex! ;)
  • yep i didnt get shit either
  • Shiiit. Just bought the new Ripper from skate one website 10 minutes ago. Used Kams code at least.
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    I bought:

    Powell Peralta Smoking Skull Patch Single
    BONES WHEELS Vato Op Banner - 36" x 36"
    BONES WHEELS Stacked 3" Single Sticker
    Powell Peralta Public Domain DVD

    Thanks for the email, and hooking me up!!
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    Did you get the turquoise old school Ripper? I might have to get one, that's the best colorway/graphic they have done in a long time.
  • New Ripper = Geeeeee Gaaaahhh!!!! Ordered one yesterday as well :)
  • I got what hawk hair got. The dark blue and black 7 ply shape Ripper.
  • Coupons are the worst. I'm that guy who will buy things just because I have a coupon...
  • ^^You just described me. I forced myself to buy something, even though I've already seen Public Domain 100 times. I don't even have room for a 36x36 banner, lol. If they would hurry up and release the Barbee, I would have bought that instead. It would be sweet to use a 20% off coupon on a reissue!
  • Skateone's shipping rates to Hawaii are criminal. I buy all my skateone stuff from tactics or SoCal and get free shipping.
  • well the post office prices just went up in january so not really their fault
  • SoCal and Tactics are small skate shops that can offer free shipping to Hawaii. SkateOne is a corporation and they charge $40 to ship a deck. That's crazy!
  • shipping to places like hawaii and alaska isnt the same as shipping to regular u.s. states
  • Is that what happened? I just shipped a deck that would normally cost $12 domestic, and it was $18.
  • Coupon was extended an extra day.
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    @ghost yep it caught me by surprise when i made a trip to the post office earlier in the year and didnt hear shit about it but also keep in mind skate one mainly uses fedex and ups and they are the most expensive and things are mainly shipped via boat to hawaii and ups charges for gas but if u ship or order something and u live in alaska or hawaii then do priority or flat rate from usps it will save u money

    @ghost http://www.stamps.com/usps/postage-rate-increase/
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    Priority Mail increase, that was it. That sucks!
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    yea man no doubt that is what i always use and i just read the post office is trying to do a price hike on first class mail
  • I don't even dare try for Oz shipping.
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    oh australia shipping is fucking insane it costs over 30 dollars to ship there
  • About $50-80... :(
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