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Super Reds have always been my go to bearing, but when they bit the dust I threw on some mini logo bearings and I can't tell a difference. What do you guys think? What is your go to bearing?


  • yea mini logo bearings are good
  • Super Swiss six
  • I normally get the Bones Reds because I don't do a lot of skating and they feel fine.
  • Super Reds or Swiss Super 6's!
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    In a rainy climate it doesn't make sense to spend a lot on bearings, but if you're somewhere dry and sunny I can see upgrading to Swiss.
  • I'm north of Seattle and have rode Swiss for decades
  • I have to clean and lube my sons mini-logo bearings regularly because he skates in the rain, and mud. but they hold up well.

    I use the Super Reds, and never an issue, but I haven't skated much lately.
  • I have a facility to stay dry in at home now during the rainy season but even back in the day we managed to skate year around without actually skating in the rain so I never had a problem with my setup getting shot out. Just cleaned and lined em every so often to keep em rolling as they should.
  • Sure everyone skates differently. I am used to skating everywhere for transportation and getting caught out in weather.
  • Totally, just speaking for myself
  • I like the Bones Swiss. There's a point where, after you've bought a new set and have been skating them for a while, you really feel the speed and longevity of a single push the moment you've broken them in.
  • I feel the Swiss are best! I'd love to try ceramics. Why don't they make Super 6's in ceramic?
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    Yeah, dude. I love my Swiss Ceramics! They're expensive but totally worth the price. My favorites will always be the regular Swiss, though. Super 6 with ceramics would be rad, too!
  • I prefer regular Swiss, when I can. They sound nice and angry, once broken in.
  • Totally. A nice angry sound, amazing speed and the best longevity. They're perfect for a real mean shred.
  • I have skated bones reds and mini logo at the same time, and for me the mini logos seem to slow down quicker than the reds.

    Do you super reds dudes think they are pretty superior over the regular reds? I know they're not a huge price difference, but wondering if they're worth it. I don't skate a ton, so they may not be worth it for me, and regular reds have always done just fine. But I'm always interested in finding ways to spend even more money that I don't have.
  • shit isnt that the case for everyone hahahaha
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    I have Reds, Mini Logo and Super 6s from SkateOne, and Autobahn 5s, Independent 7s, Zealous, Churchill 7s and some VXBs.

    Super 6s are maybe hair faster than the others new, but they don't bag out. Great seals and lube make them the no-maintainence kings.

    Zealous also seem to have really good seals, but take a bit longer to break in. They are only $14 though, making them a great deal.

    Reds, Autobahn, Indys and Churchills all seemed to give similar performance. I don't think the Churchills are available anymore and Autobahn are the cheapest of this level.

    Mini Logos didn't last all that well for me. Could be just bad luck.

    VXBs crapped out the quickest, which isn't a surprise - they are $5.

    I am considering some Bronson G3s for the next go-around.
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    @BackInAction - I'm trying G3's now on a Welcome Miller that I put together. Nothing to report yet; they seem well enough.

    @mallgrabber - I can't really tell the difference between Reds and Super Reds. Super Reds are supposed to be on par with Swiss, but I don't know about that.
  • I prefer the Super Swiss Six
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