what do these numbers mean ?

so i just bougt a ML deck and im stoked but what do these numbers mean?
more importantly, does it mean i got a K-15 concave deck ?
because my local skate shop guy told me this is a K-12

Thanks in Advance for clearing this up!
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  • I'm guessing it means K15, as I can't find a K12 made that's an 8.25.

    According to this, it sounds like K15 is the same as K12, just with bigger board dimensions.

  • Thanks Cwalker3!
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    The last numbers on the top line say it is a shape 170 from the page cwalker3 linked to. It is indeed k15. The big difference is max wheelbase on the shape. If you look you will see that you have a good amount of flat behind the trucks before the tail kicks. That is different than a similar wheelbase on the K12 concave, which would have the upturn start a lot closer to the bolts.
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    the long number is the lot number aka serial number which like the others said also indentifies the concave and shape number
  • This thread is starting to feel like an episode of 'Lost'
  • LOST was awesome! The100 is cool, but it's no LOST.
  • I'm more of a Growing Pains kind of guy.
  • Maybe we should play those numbers in the lottery.
  • The page Cwalker3 linked to is cool. I was disappointed to find that it doesn't include the entire spectrum. There is no SP0 that is common on all of the reissues right now. There is no shape 155 with SP2 in the list either (my favorite shape). Can anyone tell me how different SP3 is from SP2?
  • The difference between SP2 and SP3 is subtle, but it really locks you in for carving bowls and pools. I can't stand SP0 and I don't understand why they use. I love SP3!
  • SP2 is fairly aggressive as it is but SP3 is something else. If you like being locked in and doing street stuff, I think you'll find SP3 is a nice fit. The deepest I go, otherwise I tend to ride a lot of SP0 concaves.
  • Apparently the SP3 is their closest reproduction of the 80's spoon nose concave!
  • Powell seem pretty dead on in terms of concave reproduction but were the original decks with upturned noses (like the Frankie Hill) really as deep as K15? I thought they were a bit more mellow.
  • It is serial number bearing numerology important
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