post office prices.....

have gone up again here in the u.s.


  • So long as email keeps people from buying postage stamps, the price of postage will increase.
  • The democraps will blame Trump for this too!
  • Trump will claim he can make the USPS great again. And then he'll sign an executive order banning the use of social media to boost postal revenue. But he'll still be allowed to rant on twitter.
  • I call BS. I get about 6 pounds of junk mail every day. to the point I'm now saving it to make fire logs.
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    Burning toxic ink laden paper to heat your homes??? In Australia we recycle paper, glass, plastic and Aluminium, thereby reducing the need to cut CO2 inhaling trees down, or dig holes in the ground for the others. The smart way to heat your home here is by burning natural gas, which is very clean.

    We have three waste collection bins over here, Garbage, Recycling and Green Waste. One week the Recycling and Garbage is collected by two separate trucks, then on the same day of the following week Garbage and Green Waste is collected.
    Garbage goes into landfill, Green Waste is made into usuable mulch, Recycling is made into new products. Don't you guys do this too?
  • On Oahu we also have a rubbish bin, recycle bin, and green waste bin.
  • Wake our sitch in Melb is ditto yours.
  • I just litter because it's something cool and dangerous guys like myself tend to do.
  • In the US we just put everything into giant single-use styrofoam containers, where it's picked up and dumped into the ocean.
  • (Yes, we have the same recycling system.)
  • I love it when I'm someplace where there are recycling bins for the public to use, and they are clearly marked as recycling, and they contain every bit of trash possible along with recyclables.
  • You "love" it?
  • When I say "love", I typically mean "loath".
  • My town specifically does not have the recycling bins, but We/I recycle more then most.

    I have recycled thousands upon thousands of pounds of metals, and plastics from demolition work, auto rebuilding. Not to mention hundreds of computers I have refurbished and re-purposed.

    I burn wood in my fireplace to supplement gas when it gets below 30f to save money on natural gas which cost me $200-$300 a month. If i burn wood it keeps it below $100 for $40-$80 in firewood.

    Natural gas is not as clean as you think it is. many resources are used to drill & pump it to your home. In fact if Oil drilling was not being done then NG would probably not be used. Natural Gas is what comes off the top when drilling for oil. I live in a mass oil production state where they are now fracking / directional drilling. We have a large population of NG Vehicles, and stations. The cost is getting outrageous.

    //-- Start Rant ---
    Reminds of the stupid Obama Cash Clunkers that was supposed to help the environment.
    when in reality it wasted more resources to destroy the old car, and fabricate the new one.
    then you end up paying taxes on the amount they paid you for old piece of shit that ran fine in the first place, and uses less resources due to it having less features.
    -- End Rant --//
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    Geothermal is the way to go imo, if you can get it.

    The Post Office is getting worse, but there are still some good deals there. When we moved recently "media mail" was a real help.
  • Geothermal, Yes. It's expensive to install but the best. I did a job where they drilled a Geothermal Climate system for a large home. cost was (if I remember correctly) about a quarter million. but they will have climate control for virtually no cost for the rest of their life. the home was around 7000 sqf.
  • Do you live at the South Pole? Where I live the coldest it will get is 1-5'C, and even at it's worst our gas bill may get up to $200Aud(150 greenbacks) for a 3 month period, which equates to about 50 of your dollars per month, and that includes cooking. We have gas seams here, and don't drill for oil. We do mine coal though, lots, and lots, and there are peoples who want to frack. Our petrol(gasoline) price is around $1.60/litre for premium, but my car runs on lpg(liquid propane gas) which is 0.60/litre.
  • Geothermal is crazy expensive to install; I had no idea. The building I lived in that had it got torn down 2 years later, must have sucked for the owners.
  • Burn wood, fuck bitches & drink beer.
  • Just don't burn your own wood or else you won't be able to fuck bitches anymore.
  • Liquified petroleum gas @WakeInFright :wink:
  • @skully the ladies' man!
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