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  • A Boneite reissue might get a select few excited, but word on the street is already out that Boneite was just tarpaper that made setups heavier and more prone to delam.
  • @ghostbuster... I agree.. I remember my brother and his Cab bats bonite deck from the 80s. It chipped to hell in big chunks. He had a mini; the full-size decks were heavy as tanks.

    BTW, the Powell rider I bought it off of on the bay is from Goleta, CA. I'm sure you guys know who that is.

    I'm thinking about putting it up on the bay with full disclosure... I'm about 50/50 on the decision right now. I'll sleep on it. I'm basically selling everything I want to or can sell before the new $600 minimum 1099-k tax rules come into place in January. I really don't feel like the hassle of looking up cost-basis on Ebay sales.
  • if u want to avoid those stupid democrat taxes check out it is a small company and u can keep all ur money and there are no seller fees and it is what i use for my skate companies
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    Original mid 80s board, total package, all 80s original parts.

    Jeff Grosso "Toybox" in rare teal color
  • Those g&s trucks. I loved those things especially once they dumped the plastic base plates. They had the best warranty, I bought two sets and just recycled them through warranty, didn't pay for trucks for the longest time.
  • Think something got lost in translation on this one:
  • Too much skootching on the deck @ghostbuster?
  • "Full disclosure"
  • This is just plain crazy!
    CAB DECK for $14,000.00!
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