Powell Peralta, Per Welinder Nordic Skull (1986 or 87)

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but it is one of the only good active forums I could find.

I was cleaning out my garage getting ready to move when I found one of my dads old boards. It looked really fucking cool so I did some digging and found out that it could be pretty rare. I don't know if you guys do appraisals or can give me some more information on this but if you could it would be much appreciated.

Still has original trucks, wheels, and bumpers. Although, they're a bit banged up.

Such a sick logo.

It says ©MCMLXXXVI(1986). Or ©MCMLXXXVII(1987) I can't tell.

It has this weird silver patina on it which came off with a wet paper towel. It's not dust like I thought at first.

Just the deck.

If you have any information about this board (Price, Background, ect.) please tell me. If I put it up for sale I don't want to get screwed because of a lack of information.


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