Bones V-IV

When were these wheels made? Early 80s? I don't see them in later 80s catalogs/order forms anywhere!

I know some were made for freestyle- but i've seen them in 64mm too which makes me think they're used for regular setups too. What's the deal?

Anyone know what's up?


  • Before my time but I did some digging... street cubics were the larger.... as far as timeline.... 83..84..?
  • I would guess pre 86 for sure. some of them even just say powell on them idk
  • As far as I understand it, V-IV was a urethane formula used in several wheel molds around 83-84
  • Thank you for the info!!
  • I picked up some NOS powell 97a deano V-IV 57mm bones ---> same shape and size as original freestyle bones and similar to rat bones and rough riders...testing soon on smooth concrete (roller skate set, so I'll probably skate 4 of them and leave the other 4 on the shelf for now)

  • Sick man. I'd love to pick up a set of og freestyles
  • Sweetest wheels I have ever had on a board! Two years ago, I purchased some complete boards from a collector and he threw in several vintage Powell wheel sets. There just happened to be a set of V-VI's (53mm 90a's) and I immediately threw them on my board and hit the skatepark. Best feeling wheels I have ever had and man, I wish they still made them. I just purchased a set of the Filmers (52mm 80a) today in an effort to try and find something that has that same feel.
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