Skate Progression

I made this for anyone who wants to track their progress. I'm also gonna post my progress here.

After almost a month or a whole month of skating I've managed to do these:

- Ollie (about 7 inches max)
- Ollie while rolling (same height)
- Fakie Ollie
- Switch Ollie
- Caveman
- Nosestall/Nosepick
- Manual (5 seconds max. Needs work)

And these are the things I'm currently working on:

-Ollying over something
-BS 180
-Pop Shuv It



  • Goofy or regular footed?
  • @McShredorDie Regular. Whenever I try pushing goofy I feel like I'm about to die. lol Kinda like that feeling when you're new to skateboarding and you try to ollie while rolling.
  • I landed the dreaded " old guy hangup to flat bottom " yesterday.
  • Ow! You ok Dale?
  • @Castpolymer I am very good at that trick too!
  • do it switch
  • I'm goofy. Could never ride regular.

    Seems you gotten some good progress during your month of skating.
  • @McShredorDie Thanks man. Consistency's my main issue though. That's why it might take some time for me to learn 180s, shove its and kickflips.
  • edited May 2017
    keep going
  • Bill: I won't. Ever. :)
  • Consistency is always the worst part. I find that even when I nail a trick once or twice I still end up retooling my stance over again to get the right foot placements and balance. It takes a lot of practice, that's for sure.
  • You made Biebs day @powellboy
  • WakeInFright, It was no biggie. I wear knee pads and elbow pads. I have a janky knee and swellbow does not appeal to me at 46. ;)
  • I wear elbow and wrist guards now because of the same slam Dale. For me the three points of impact were shoulder, elbow and hip. Shoulder was fine because I go to the gym these days, hip was sore for a few days, and I took a lot of bark off my elbow :#
  • @WakeInFright I didn't proof read. :)

    And funny how Biebs seem to occupy your head enough to be able to give a quick reference to one of his songs. :) I didn't even meyn.....
  • Anyone got advise for a stale-fish? First on something small then take it to vert.
  • @tiny_hawk86 the more wall the easier that trick is. And speed to pop the board into your hand. Let the board come up to your hand instead or reaching down for it. Then TWEET that thing, put all fours down and ride away.
  • here is my friend doing a tutorial for it

  • @powellboy Do you skate old school decks or popsicles?
  • @myren thanks for the help much appreciated.
  • @McShredorDie I used to have an old school deck I got from a garage sale. The deck got super damaged (due to heavy exposure) and the trucks couldn't be used anymore. I've only used it for like a year sadly. But the good thing is, wheels are still good. It's this Japanese brand I haven't heard of. Will post up a pic sometime.

    Anyway I skate a popsicle setup. I'm using an 8.1 Alien Workshop deck and I'm going to stick to that sort for now. Maybe in the future I could play around with old school decks or something.

  • The wheel's brand is "Banana Club Murasaki Sports". It's 64mm and 85a. I don't live in Japan btw. Couldn't see anything on it online. I keep getting this foot spa salon in Bangkok. lol
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