How long did it take you to learn kickflips?

So im starting to get real fucking pissed here man. Ive been working my ass off on this thing for a month now. Two weeks was the goal but i didnt make it.

I can land my front foot now with my back foot on the ground but the flick has been my problem lately. It was already great a few weeks back.

If anyone could give me like a set of super specific must dos, that would be great. :(


  • Someone posted a while ago that skating should be fun, and you posted back that progression is the fun part of skating for you. If skating is going to be a long-haul kind of thing for you, though, you're going to have to accept that those bright moments where you are progressing are overshadowed by lots of plateaus. Instead of getting pissed, if I were you I would concentrate on other tricks for a while, and come back to it.
  • Remember kids! Say NO to popsicles! Say NO to flip tricks!
  • Skateboarding giveth and skateboarding taketh away LOL... Dude, you gotta relax, it's fkn skateboarding. Sounds like you're not having a good time... bummer.

    If it was easy, there'd be no scooters.
  • I don't even attempt them anymore, but back in the day it took me a long time; probably many months when I was skating every day. My recommendation would be to not dwell on kickflips (which are fun but only one thing you can do) and work on getting ever better at more fundamental stuff. I'm still trying to get my ollie legs back.
  • 45 years
  • I remember someone saying, "Try 20-25 per day, and it will eventually happen!"

    Sounds reasonable as you won't get too frustrated, and you won't land shit frustrated. Btw, where the farq is Biebs?
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    for all flip tricks make ur feet land at the same time u will have to force urself for awhile but it will become second nature at some point but also try them fakie as they are easier
  • Trust me @bonely I have a hella lot of fun until it I realize its 10pm and I cant do crap anymore.

    Came home from a long walk yesterday so my legs were a bit tired already so thats probably why I got so much pissed.
  • Yeah i probably should be more patient with myself with this.
  • I remember watching the Bones Brigade documentary where Lance talks about how he got so pissed off at himself for not being able to learn a trick that, once he finally landed it (after the millionth time of trying), he went and smashed the shit outta his board. Frustration happens to everyone but if you stick to it and work on it, you'll find yourself getting better and better.
  • What trick was that?

    I get pissed but I never walk away from it.
  • McTwist! Lance has some anger issues lol
  • I was thinking McTwist but wasn't 100% sure since I hadn't seen the movie in a while.

    But yeah, dude, it's good you don't walk away! No matter how difficult it feels, if you keep on trying one day you will get it!
  • Earlier Tame Impala is so much better!
  • I prefer the alternative rock of the 80's

  • And @powellboy if you wanna learn some rad tricks, just watch this bitchin video!

  • OCD have the H-Street cd in stock, music from the videos Shackle Me Not and Hokus Pokus.
    It's a shame the cd cover is in a cardboard slipcase.
  • Yeah, cardboard slipcases suck! Good thing the music makes up for it.
  • Hoke My Poke!
    I spent a year NOT being able to land kickflips. I could flip them perfectly, but couldn't get my front foot back on. I'd just land with my back foot in the right place, but my front foot on the ground to the backside of my board. Finally, one day in the Summer of 1990, in Grafenwohr, Germany - on my blue-stain Guerrero Iron Gate with red griptape, Indys, and pink PP Street Style wheels, - my friend James told me, "Just do it. Just practice it over and over in the grass until you finally get your foot on." AND THAT WAS THAT.
    So yeah, just determination and perseverance, man. After that, it's all repetition. Yes, I could kickflip after that day, but I wasn't very consistent. Finally, on one afternoon in the summer of 2009, I spent about an hour to make myself land 100 kickflips. Since that day, I can land them pretty much first or second try!
    Now to wire 360 flips...

  • I could Ollie pretty well on the first day and shuv it and It took me 3 days to land my first ever kickflip. I think if u practice enough u will eventually get it. How I managed to do all my tricks in 3 days was I did 100 of each and finally the hard work pays off on the third day, wasn’t expecting to land a kickflip that fast.
  • I took up skateboarding because I have a tonne of time now with the Coronavirus. I've been practising for 4 days now and have practised Kickflips the past 2. I landed my first today! I'll try upload it.
  • welcome to the forum
  • I still only catch one or so out of every hundred attempts. If you got one a week in then you're doing just swell.
  • the key to fliptricks is landing both of ur feet at the same time
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