Can you tell the difference between SPF's, STF's, and 100's?

I've got a few sets of wheels I skate at the park; Spitfire 99a's, Bones 100's, and Mini Logo 101a's. I can tell a slight difference between each. I'm assuming if I went to a 103a or 84b that I'd similarly be able to tell some difference, but what about the difference between formulas, Street Tech and Park formula? Will there be any discernible difference between an STF and an SPF wheel of the same durometer?


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    I have used the Spitfire F4 99a, ML 101s, SPFs and STFs, but not the Bones 100s.

    The #1 difference between STF and SPF is the grip. STFs slide easier. If you are doing board slides, reverts, or anything else that requires the board to go sideways then get STFs. SPFs are marginally faster, but very marginally. They do grip better so you may be happier with them in a pool. I prefer STFs in the pool (after the tread has worn off) because I do like to slide.

    Both are faster than the ML 101s and F4 99s.

    The other difference is that I have never flat spotted a STF. I have with SPFs.

    On the actual street I prefer the F4 99s, but on concrete I prefer STFs.
  • TheFarter2.0 thinks all these modern wheels stink! They look like dingle berries!

    Rat Bones are the superior choice!
  • If you go to the Bones page from this website they actually compare different profile wheels for both Stf and Spf, and their properties.

    However I skate 100's at most parks, Cockroach 96a at a non-sealed park, and Toxic 97a for street. I am thinking of setting up a cruiser with Bombers or Rough Riders as a form of transport from my car to work when parking is abysmal!
  • Thanks, guys. I did go find the page on the Bones site that summarizes STF and SPF, so thanks for pointing that out. I have a set of Clears that I have yet to open because I've lost it a few times with both the Spitfire 99's and the ML 101's. I figured that a harder wheel would only mean more difficult to hold on to. I haven't skated my 100's in a long time, so maybe I should throw them on.

    The only wheels I have flatspotted are the Spitfire 99's, and I can't tell whether that was from doing ollie's/rideoffs off of surfaces or sliding. I'm still doing a lot of basic stuff, and one thing I'm trying to get better at is turning sideways into flatground slides to bleed off speed quickly rather than footbreaking (which I'm also not yet great at and screwed my ankle up doing yesterday).
  • > I figured that a harder wheel would only mean more difficult to hold on to.

    Not necessarily. The formulas are different and they have different properties. I think the SPFs grip a lot more on smooth concrete than you would think based on the hardness. On masonite they can be a bit slippery, but they grip well on concrete.
  • I can with the SPF and STF. The STF's slide out easier on transitions and during high speed carves. Never used 100's.
  • I tried out my red Bones Clears this past weekend in the bowl and really like them. I could tell they were harder, but they were a little faster and had noticeably better grip in the bowl than the Spitfire Formual 4 99a's that I've been using this whole time. I found their slipping point a few times, but I'm definitely going to stick with these and probably get a different 84b SPF wheel for my next setup.

    Has anybody got any SPF's in the 81b duro? Just curious.
  • I have a set of 81b's. Good wheels. Just need to make them in 60mm. ;)
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    The SPF seem to stick more on a smooth cement surface and can handle more of a push against the surface (like a bowled wall) without slipping. Both felt the same to me on a skatelite surface. The STF feels better on a rougher surface, like a street or sidewalk. As for the 100's I have only had one set of those and did not much care for them.

    If your looking for an all around wheel, maybe the STF will work for you. I have used those in parks and while I can slide them easier the the SPF wheels they work just fine and handle better then the SPF wheels out in the wild.

    This is just my personal experience. And I do have different set ups for park and street riding. And use both the SPF and STF bones.
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