Hell is a skatepark!

You know that spot that you go past every second day and you think to yourself, "That is soooo unskateable. No one could skate that." ?
Well I thought that maybe we could put up pics of the Hellishly unskateable. My pic is from Maitland railway station. I stop there at least twice most days and look at the sawtooth rails on the stairs, and I reckon even Frankie Hill in his heyday would be asking for a gender reassignment if he attempted a board slide or grind down these fuckers!


  • TheFarter2.0 thinks any place that doesn't have a toilet is Hell. If there is a toilet, but you have to pay to use it...that is Hell too!
  • Cool idea, @WakeInFright ! That spot definitely looks unskateable! I know of several spots right off the top of my head like that, I'll get some pictures and post them.
  • Seriously....how do you post pics on this forum? Photobucket doesn't even work anymore.
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