What are the best Bones bearings for street?

Hi. I want to buy the best Bones bearings for street only. If the best bearing are the most expensive ones then I'll buy them. I'll clean them quite often. I'm skating for 8 years and every winter I skate under a roof, that place is very clean. For every helpful answer I'll give a 'like'. https://bonesbearings.com/skateboard-bearings?dir=desc&order=price


  • You can never go wrong with Bones Swiss! They ride fast and smooth!
  • If you want extra speed Swiss Super 6! Apparently stronger too! :p
  • no such thing as bearings for street only lol get some reds or regular swiss
  • Reds are crap Biebs, at least get Super Reds. Better still, Swiss Super 6's. Super, super, SUPER!
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    i never had a problem with them i have been using them since they first came out under their original name china bones
  • They were called China Bones?
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    and then they were called china bones reds and then switched to bones reds which is what everyone knows them as today
  • Huh, that's neat. I bought a set six or seven years back before I really started skating again just because my old ones were almost frozen and I don't remember them being branded this way. This must have been quite a while ago.
  • Ive had better experience and longer lasting results with Mini Logo bearings than I have with Reds.
  • I remember when they were China Bones, forgot about it tho it’s been so long. I ride the super 6’s but yeah... can’t go wrong with the og Swiss
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    #throwbackthursday and rick yea it was back in the late 90s and it was back when swiss was only $25
  • Interesting Biebs! If you can afford the Super 6's though, I would highly recommend them. You WILL notice a difference!
  • yea i always wanted a set since the shields are blue
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    @brigade_bill, I'm gonna ride them on street style only, that's what I meant.
    @All, thanks for replies. If you were me, which one would you pick from these: 'Swiss Skateboard Bearings', 'Super Swiss 6', 'Swiss L2' or 'Ceramic Super REDS'?
    I forgot to add: After I broke my arm I'm not jumping from more than 3 steps and from high places anymore, so I think my next bearings will last for a long time.
  • depends on how much money ur also willing to spend
  • That's what you say to all the ladies Biebs! ;)
  • @brigade_bill, I can spend up to $140 + shipping.
    I was thinking about buying Swiss Ceramic but after reading what you guys said and what ppl said in other forums, those are better for longboarders and I'll not feel a difference comparing to cheaper Bones bearings on street style.
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    yea u dont want to spend too much money on something u may want to order some dinner or something later on but what u could do to maximize ur money is just buy a shit ton of minilogo bearings which are also really good and u would have bearings for a good ass while
  • Thanks but I would like to have faster bearings. I see that a lot of ppl saying good things about Super Swiss 6, maybe those are the best option. Can you tell me which one would you buy for street sk8ing? 'Swiss Skateboard Bearings', 'Super Swiss 6', 'Swiss L2' or 'Ceramic Super REDS'?
  • "You may want to order some dinner or something later"...1st world problem- do I buy some top quality skate components or do I eat?
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    well unless ur a machine u cant eat metal lol and im an all around skater so just go try some swiss 6 u cant really go wrong with any of their bearings
  • You are not going to notice the difference on the street. Not between the various varieties of Swiss anyway. The road provides too much friction. Get the regular Swiss, take care of them, and enjoy them for 10 years.
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    yep depending on the surface though
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