Bones Brigade series 11!

Now we know what and when for series 10, about series 11? What's on your wish list?


  • id like to see that aqua and purple hawk skull get a reissue
  • Yellow Hawk skull
    Green McGill
    Natty Cab Ban This
  • Cab Ban This-Black Dip/stain with green Dragon and yellow letters
  • Vision Gator 2!!!!! Black stain!!!!!! Green swirl!!!!!
  • I'm personally super psyched over both the white Claw and the blue McGill. I think I'm going to have to start hiding decks from the wife.
  • Series 11! Too soon!

    Ha! Just kidding! I’m already thinking about series 17!

    Mountain Family graphic, baby blue dip
    McGill condom nose, skull and snake, red dip/purple snakeskin background
    Guerrero hot pink dip, neon yellow flames
    Hawk aquamarine and purple chicken skull
    Caballero Ban This Black dip
    Welinder freestyle instead of Mullen
  • I'm wondering why it took so long for the series 11 thread to show up.
  • A black family would be rad!
  • It'll be at least early 2019 until we see series 11.
  • If 11 is as much of a BS as 10, then they should stop.
    The Tommy, Mountain and Mullen are basically versions of the previous colours they already reissued. WHY? Are we out of colours? That green version I did was fucking amazing. And the Red Ban this and White Claw? Easily the lamest of all possible colours.
    I'll do a McGill and am really starting to lose interest in this game. I'll stick to the non-brigade reissues. The Green Gee-gah ripper is awesome!
  • I'm actually quite partial to the red Cab and white Hawk @Sharks . More chance for me to get what I want bro!
  • I like the white Hawk actually, despite generally not liking white dips. I like how it highlights the background work.

    And the Mountain is an iconic color way - making the cover of Disposable, and all that.
  • I liked most of the color ways for this new BB series, too. I agree a little with @Sharks that the Guerrero and Mullen are a little too same as earlier releases. But on the whole, I am excited about this set!
  • Any word on whether series 11 is happening?
  • The new poster is at the printers Pulsey! ;)
  • I think the only thing that I’d want to see at this point is the LM Crest. Or, lower prices. Otherwise, no mas. I am super grateful for what has been released though - it was an awesome ride.
  • (Unless they are still selling models that have already been released. I want everyone to have a shot, if they missed them and are getting back into the game late...)
  • If we all could choose just one deck of those 6 Bones Brigade members to reissue, what would it be?

    Cary has suggested the LM crest.

    If I could choose one it would be the Street Hawk, but ideally not a black dip. A black stain would be rad, and a red stain would also rock. If it had to be a dip I would vote for white or silver!
  • I got my dream deck, the black and red lmfp. So asking for another would be selfish.

    But I'm selfish, so I would second the lm crest. I would like to see it in cobalt.
  • Crest! A kicknose ban this a green Mullen. A green Claw. A green dagger. A green McGill.
    And i’m done
  • I missed out on the TG iron gate... a dipped version of that would rule
  • I would have loved a pink Future Primitive deck. Blue wheels, blue rails.. yeah. None left. Totally sucks.
  • Can't find any on fleabay @brigade_bill. Did see one on Amazon for $226 Canadian... No thanks.

    Maybe it'll come around again someday when PP inevitably gets low on reissue ideas.
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    Hey dudes, my local skate shop's site said the Vallelys have a new school hole pattern. Did they make a mistake?
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