Bones Brigade series 11!



  • @trex I thought it was yellow actually.

    Those natural colourways look pretty ghastly imo. Might be better in person. Was that one of the options when we were asked to vote a while back?
  • Not a fan of the natural series, I thought natural came in 3rd from voting for tenth series? Hawk chin ramp deck ! And ye May be yellow, I can’t tell.
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    They all look good bar the McGill imo! I am a bit disappointed that all the LM’s have been FP’s. A Family would have rocked in natty. Same as a street Hawk!
  • Not a fan of the naturals either, price increase ta boot.. anyone else think this series should have stopped at ten?
  • Well this kills the series. Not a good time to raise prices and put this out. Seems lazy too. However, being optimistic, if they do a 12th series it will easily be better.
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    18:42 min into animal chin hawk is riding a yellow colour, and it looks like the same deck on the chin ramp. Would be nice to have . Silver beat natural by 2%. Very close
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    Not sure about stopping the series without releasing a chin ramp deck series? I’ve seen some reissued but slightly different graphics, like the cab’s the Powell peralta sign is on top of the top truck not the bottom. And the last lance did not arrive as pictured online, and what about the 9th cab, the deck he is riding in the pic is like a dark not quite black deck? Maybe it’s the pix changing the colour by the time I see it?
  • I’m passing on all of them
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    It is not what I would have chosen, but I still like 'em and am glad they're continuing.
  • the mullen isnt bad
  • Go to old skull website. Yuck yuck yuck forever!

    I so cannot believe they went with nattys
    It’s probably because they can’t seem to get the lime green right in the past year. Bug / SNS / Ripper geegah. All in this blue hue. So disappointing.

    Someone posted my photo of a limegreen set and most comments said: “ that will be the first set where I’d buy every single one of the decks”.
    And I’m 100% the same way.
  • I reckon the background graphic on the McGill should have been lime green, and on the Hawk purple....not pink! It would have contrasted and popped more imo!
  • Wait and see what the real decks look like. They might be slightly better. I hope so, anyway.
  • Forget it. Betting on poor odds.
    Imagine if they were proper lime green!
  • i think they do pretty good with the lime green
  • Yeah the green isn't bad. Their green and yellow transfers just tend to be a little transparent - you can see some wood grains.
  • Why is the natty LMFP drilled for a new school truck pattern?
  • maybe it was just done like that for a mock-up
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    Shoulda done a Family deck. I already got 2 LMFP V2s. And the natty decks look pretty bad. Woulda just preferred some tatty tits instead.
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    @bb, you’re kidding! Have u seen the mockups vs the actial colors of the lime green? They look so much worse in person. People in the Fb forums have whole threads about how “off” the green decks have started coming out lately. To me they are often a compromise rather than joy. I’m like - oh well, it’s so off but will have to do.
    The last proper lime green deck I have is the McGill Jetfighter. Since then Jay smith, SnS, Ripper and Bug have all been dark grassy green with too much of a blueish rather than yellowish hue to them.
    No sir, not good.
  • havent seen any in person but that sucks

    It's those five decks that should be a series. Probably should've been the first!
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