Fake Mini Logo bearings. How can you tell?

TheFarter2.0 doesn’t want to spend $6 bucks on a set of Mini Logo bearings and find out they are bogus!


  • they are 10 bucks just get them from a shop
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    Got bones reds and I think they can be fake, cause I've been skating them for 2 months and one of them has been broken. Got them for £12. How do I know that Mini logo bearings are genuine?

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  • Any good bearings for about £15?
  • only buy from a local skateshop do not buy them online cause 9 times out of 10 they are fake
  • £15 is roughly $20 and in that price range I think Reds are very good and Big Balls are a step up from there for a few bucks more. Not sure if they charge more for those over the pond, but here Reds are $18 and Big Balls $22.
    100% agree with @brigade_bill . Buy from shop you trust because of the fakes. I bought some 'ceramics' a few years back for about $20 less than they should have been. When I got them they were $5 ABEC-3 junk
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